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  1. Yep they will be CMYK, which is ok for the majority of my work but sometimes I need the ability to use Pantone spot colours which is another reason why I asked the question.
  2. Those are created in Illustrator but I also use JPEGs hence my original question. I will try the copy and paste method to see how it works.
  3. @walt.farrell I own both applications. I’m thinking that it may be far easier to do this when the Photo and Designer personas are available. It still won’t be as easy as it should be though. I do wonder if I will end up with multiple colour versions of the same file though. Saving as a greyscake JPEG and colouring within InDesign stops such a scenario.
  4. Thanks, that works for me. It's still a lot more work than InDesign but at least I can do what I want without having to resort to using another application.
  5. @Wosven I saw that before posting but you have to use Photo to do it. I want to know how to do this solely in Publisher - just like you can in InDesign. I have tried to use that method and can't get it to work for me. It seems a very long-winded way of doing something which is so easily done in InDesign.
  6. @dominik Thanks for the reply but that isn't what I am asking. All my documents are set up to be CMYK. I want to know how to apply a colour to a greyscale JPEG on an object by object basis.
  7. How do I add colour to a greyscale JPEG in Publisher? In InDesign, you can do it really easily by using the Direct Selection Tool and then choosing a colour. I cannot see any way of doing the same thing within Publisher. For the screenshot, the red set of ornaments were coloured in Illustrator so you could see what I want to do.
  8. It's working properly for me in all the Effects panel. Wonder why it's not for you?
  9. This issues appears fixed for me in the Colour panel after updating to version Hope it's the same for everyone else.
  10. I have images set to be linked rather than embedded but when images have been placed, I am seeing 'embedded' in the Layers panel but 'linked' in Resource Manager. This doesn't happen all the time though. Has anyone else seen this? Is this a known bug?
  11. That's what I'm hoping but with 7 years of freelance work archived it may not be that easy.
  12. Too much like as in square. I’d prefer them to be shaped As for the glasses comment - I already wear them.
  13. It's a shame you are changing them. The new square icon just looks too much like the Adobe CS6 apps on my iMac.
  14. I'm afraid the square icons are coming to Designer and Photo. I commented on Twitter about the icon change and was sent this by someone who is using the beta versions.
  15. The new square icons will be coming to Photo and Designer. I posted on Twitter about the Publisher icon and got sent this by someone who is using the Beta versions of all applications. The icons look better when you see all three but I still prefer the triangular ones. As for the splash screen, it's just very plain and boring, especially compared to Photo and Designer.