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  1. I don't use Master Pages all that much as a lot of my work is leaflet work rather than multi-page books so this may seem like a very basic question. I am in the middle of a brochure which at present is over 90 pages. I have created two master pages with different column formats but besides the guides for this, the only thing actually on the pages is a page number and a line of text next to it - all in black text in a light font weight. When working on the book, I have used black and other solid colour backgrounds so have changed some of the page numbers/text to white. After deliberation, the light font is too light so I have changed the original master pages to a Regular weight font to help with legibility. It appears that the pages I have changed to white have not updated to Regular font. Is there a way make the font update to Regular automatically without having to go through every single page I have changed? Actually, I have just checked empty bar-the-master-page info pages and none of the number/text have updated to Regular font so I must be doing something wrong.
  2. I tried that but couldn’t see the one red dot at such a small viewing scale. This problem needs a proper fix.
  3. Old thread resurrection.... but I have just encountered this very unhelpful dialogue box. It needs to be improved so it tells you exactly which pages the overflowing text is located on - just like InDesign does. I can't believe that Affinity haven't already implemented a fix in the finished application. I've just had to search through nearly 100 pages to find just one overflowing text box. Severe PITA!
  4. I use Publisher on both iMac and MacBook Pro. I would like the application on both machines to open with exactly the same window positions, keyboard shortcuts etc. Is there any way to easily make the Preferences exactly the same on both machines?
  5. When I create a document and put any sort of frame or text box on the first page the co-ordinates are correct. But when I do the same on page 2 or subsequent pages the co-ordinates appear wrong with minus figures. The co-ordinates don't appear to originate from the top left of each page like I would assume they do (and do in InDesign). Is this a bug? Or is it a setting I have got wrong? I have tried to find the ruler units preference (as InDesign) but there doesn't appear to be one in Preferences. Is this hidden away somewhere else?
  6. Yeah I will. Annoyed with myself for doing it to be honest but I will remember next time.
  7. I can't actually recreate the issue at the moment because it's random and happens when the application feels like.
  8. It wasn't Art Text. I can't check it now as I've deleted it because it was annoying the hell out of me. Sorry!
  9. Nope, I hadn't done anything besides created the box and paste the text.
  10. I can assure you it is a text frame. Thanks for the quick reply.
  11. Why do text boxes created using the Frame Text Tool sometimes have the resize handle on it and sometimes not? I can resize the Frame with the handle in two ways. Using the extra handle, it resizes box and text. Using the corner handle it just does the box and not the text. The Frame without the extra handle will only resize box and text. This behaviour, I assume, is the expected way it works but what I want to know is why the extra handle sometimes appears and sometimes not. The text in both was copied from a text clipping and then pasted into the box. macOS 10.13.6, Publisher
  12. This is one that not everyone suffers from then. I will have to see if it s the same on my MacBook Pro.
  13. Have you tried the Test document I attached to my first post to see if you can replicate the problem?
  14. Answers Question 1: Upon brief testing it appears not to happen in documents newly created in Beta 257 when I start completely from scratch. But if I create a new document but then copy and paste text boxes from a document created in a previous beta it still happens but only with those text boxes. It does not happen with a new text box. Question 2: If I open a document created in a previous beta it happens all the time. If I create a new document then it appears not to happen. I hadn't noticed it not happening in newly created documents because I actually hadn't created a totally new document since Beta 257 was released. I had been using a 'template' I use for the jobs I was doing in Publisher. I am using Beta 257 on an iMac running macOS 10.13.6 as well.
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