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  1. When working in Photo and Designer (and the Adobe apps), if I need to input specific percentage values in the Colour Panel I will click into the field for Cyan, enter the value then press the Tab key to move the Magenta field and so on. In Publisher, I click into the Cyan field, enter the value (which registers) then press Tab and it will take me into the Magenta field but I it does not register any value if I try to enter one. The cursor actually moves to the Layers panel and reduces the opacity of the object to whatever value I inputted. The only way to get back to the Colour panel is to click with my mouse. Has anyone else seen this problem and know how to fix it? Also, I just made the application crash by pressing the Tab key too many times.
  2. After trying this, it does work for me but I do have to make sure the rectangle (or other shape) has a fill colour. If it is set to 'none' then it doesn't work. I will continue to use this method and see if it can improve my workflow. Thanks.
  3. I’ll give that a try next time I’m at my iMac.
  4. Vector Crop essentially destroys any possibility of further movement of the image within that frame from what I can see. I placed an image into a frame, sized it within the frame, then used the vector crop tool to crop it. Once that was done, the only option was to switch the 'mask' on or off. I personally think InDesign handles images within picture frames so much better than Publisher. You can control an image within the frame far more easily and you can actually see what size the image is within the frame. The way images are actually handled in Publisher is quite off putting for me.
  5. So I have to create a new document, set the font, point size and leading within a text frame and then use Edit ▸ Defaults ▸ Save?
  6. I'm using Separated Mode at the moment and when creating a new document, it's window appears quite small which means I have to reposition and resize it too be able to use it. InDesign opens the document to full screen size which, I think, works better and means that you don't have to mess around with it before starting. Is it possible to force the window to open in a bigger size without using switching from Separated Mode? The two examples below are new A3 size documents - but document size doesn't make any difference to window size.
  7. Putting this here as it's related. Whenever I create a new document and put a text frame on it, there is always 12pt spacing after each paragraph. This means I have to change this every single time which gets very wearing. Can this be stopped? Also, can you set a default font, point size and leading for new text frames within Preferences so it is the same for every new document?
  8. Having to open up a second dialogue box to add bleed after creating the document isn't good for productivity. Affinity need to include bleed, columns and margin settings in the New Document dialogue box. I want to be able to set them when first creating a document.
  9. @Thisismandatory I agree, it’s not a great way to get what is pretty limited controls on picture resizing. I think Adobe did get that right in InDesign and I would like Publisher to have very similar picture frame and content controls as InDesign.
  10. I have found that a single click on an image within a frame allows you scale the frame and image but a double click on an image means you can adjust the size of the image however you want without the frame being resized. Grabbing a corner handle will scale it in proportion, grabbing an edge handle means you can resize however you want. If you single click on the image and then click on the frame tool the slider shown in @walt.farrell's post above appears.
  11. I've seen that one as well.
  12. Definitely needed in the New Document dialogue box. I’d also like to see a Margins and Columns option added which is the same as InDesign. I use both features on every document I create.
  13. There is a bug on Master Pages in single page documents. I asked Affinity the same question on Twitter yesterday and they know about it and are working to fix it. It doesnt happen on double page spreads on facing page documents apparently.
  14. Thanks MikeW. I've seen that before and the list view has never stuck so I assumed that it wasn't what it appeared to be - but actually is. After posting, I realised I only asked half the question. Again in Illustrator, I have Pantone Colours (in list view ) in a floating palette of it's own so I can permanently see them. Is this possible in Designer?
  15. Is it possible to show Pantone Colours in a list view as you can in Illustrator? This is how I have to set in Illustrator and would like to be able to get Designer to show it the same way instead of just a swathe of tiny coloured squares. It is very difficult to find a specific colour in Designer - I have tried the 'Find' box but it appears to only find colours already in the document. I'm using a Mac if that makes any difference.