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  1. occasionalpiece

    Overflowing Text

    Thank you both. I didn't think to look on the Master for overflowing text issues, which is where it was. I appreciate your quick response! Happy New Year.
  2. I'm a newbie, but have some grasp of Text Box functionality. But this one has me stumped. I can't find any text that is overflowing, and have reworked this several times. It only shows up when I try to save it as a PDF, so wondered if it were a bug. Attached is a screenshot of what I'm seeing.
  3. Jumped from earlier Beta Version to 206: no problems whatsoever. (Christmas kept me busy)
  4. occasionalpiece

    Problems with tables

    I had this problem today. I was giving AP a workout--and after about 6 hours, I couldn't edit the Tables in the pages anymore (set up in the individual page). Double-clicking did not bring up the usual floating header and side panel, as it did before. I shut down the program, then the whole computer and came back 20 minutes later. It works now. Ideas?
  5. Genius! I guess I just didn't draw the "select all" large enough. I re-tried it again, according to your directions, and it functions as a group. Thank you for taking the time and for attaching your demo. I don't have any Illustrator experience, so anything I'm trying out in the Beta release comes from the posted tutorials (I've gone through them pretty thoroughly and took notes, but still...) and info I can find on the internet, so I appreciate the help you gave.
  6. I'd love it if that would work, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. The frame is a Table, not a Text Frame Chart. Any tips are welcome!
  7. I am (obviously) a newbie, but when I watched the tutorial video, the presenter was able to move the chart up and down and around, but his was only filled with text. I tried that with mine, but it left the two rows of color swatches static on the page, which I then had to move as a group back into place. If you are suggesting that I group the color swatches, please tell me how, as I went up to the menu, clicked on "group" yet still the chart moves independently of the color swatches.
  8. I design craft patterns for sale, specifically quilt patterns. I've been waiting for this software for a long time, and am happy to try out the Beta version. Thank you for the tuturials as they are really helpful. I'm slowly making my way (no Illustrator experience) in creating instructions for my latest quilt. Problem: I created rounded rectangles to show color swatches for fabric choices, but they don't seem to be imbedded in the chart, moving independently when I resize the chart. (page 1 attached) Any tips? Can these not be embedded? Northern Lights Medallion Pattern_1A.pdf