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  1. Mark, I had sent you some raw files for the Canon 90d. It has now been quite a while since then. Is there any update on when that model camera will be incorporated into the next beta release? Any idea on when the next beta release will be? Thanks, Johneb2
  2. johneb21945

    No CR3 support yet

    Mark, I tried the Canon 90d files with the beta release, and they are not supported. I uploaded five raw files with the link you provided. 3 are straight raw files and 2 are Craw files. Let me know if you need further clarification. Thanks, John
  3. johneb21945

    No CR3 support yet

    Mark, I just ordered the 90D and won't have it till the end of the week (about Oct 12th). I will gladly upload a file then. Thanks for your quick response, and kudos to the team for a great product!! Thanks, John
  4. johneb21945

    No CR3 support yet

    Mark is the Canon 90d going to be included in the beta update? Thanks John
  5. johneb21945

    CR3 file support

    Thanks Walt!
  6. I know this has been mentioned before, but the number of users who use the CR3 files for the newer Canon cameras has grown immensely. Can we please put a push on support for this! It would be greatly appreciated!!!
  7. Can we possibly set a default for cropping? Right now the default is for unconstrained. I know we can add crop presets, but it would make it so much easier if we didn't have to scroll down to the preset when we are working on a batch of pictures. Thanks, John B
  8. Anyone know of a tutorial or steps to create an out of bounds effect in Affinity Photo?
  9. I would like to see a simple graduated neutral density filter, as opposed to the complicated method of using gradients. The gradients method can get complicated and confusing. Also is it possible to be able to see the raw image when selecting the file, open dialogue and viewing the directory. You can see jpg images displayed but not raw images, just the affinity logo. You need to actually open the image and wait until the raw persona displays it. This can be annoying when you are looking for a certain image and are not sure of the file name. Thanks for the considerations.

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