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  1. Maybe a good case study for affinity app would be to suggest that the user save the document under a new name or add a postfix to the name, such as _saveproblem...
  2. But how can I increase the canvas by 20% in height and 20% in width with a macro using equations, for example?
  3. A feature to hide (but not delete) pages in an Affinity Publisher document is much needed. This should take into account proper page renumbering (or the ability to include "disabled pages" in the numbering). When exporting, the hidden pages should of course not be displayed.
  4. Color selection bug when selecting a color using controls with numeric text fields on Color Chooser. Turning OpenCl on and off has no effect. Win10 / Publisher/Designer/Photo V2 color chooser bug.mp4
  5. Also, when copying rows from Excel, an extra blank row is inserted into the Affinity table.
  6. As long as the embedded svg resources are not linked, their collecting in resource manager causes the application to crash.
  7. This is a known bug — in Artboards mode Export with Bleeds do not work.
  8. Also export to tiff with Include Bleed option enabled does not work. Bleed stays just white anyway, no matter what's on the bottom layer. bleed.tiff
  9. Yep. The link has been changed because the blog has moved from the subdomain. This is correct link. Thanks for your attention!
  10. Add the ability to resize multiple objects to a single size. For example, when the "Transform Objects Separately" option is enabled, add the checkbox «[ ] Each», to make all selected objects take a single size from the «Transform» panel. So far, in the current versions, objects resize relative to the selected object.
  11. Of course it's a mockup. So far affinity has no plugins, extensions or api. That's sad. Nevertheless, for my projects I use a great timer https://toggl.com/track/ All the best.
  12. You need to pay attention to the settings in these fields and toolbars.
  13. There are no important buttons in the Affinity Photo toolbar, which are present in Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. Distribute tools group and Transform tools group. And why is the vertical/horizontal layer flip function in the «Document» menu and not in the «Layer» menu, where it should be? It's very frustrating.
  14. I see. In that case, it would be useful to introduce other variables, such as the iterator "nn". For example, to automatically number exported slices. Or "mode", for specifying the color model. MySlice_[nn]_[x]×[y]_[mode].ext If I export to RGB png and CMYK tif for example. That would be really cool.
  15. So, with this variables I expect to see the names of exported file like this: slice1_73x45.png and box_100x100.png But I get these: slice1_x.png and box_x.png Either they are not variables in the usual sense, or it does not work.
  16. I would like to be able to name pages and export with these changed names. This would be a very useful feature, just like Export persona in Affinity Designer.
  17. This bug always occurs when editing files created with versions before 1.9 Even if you copy text objects from the old document into the newly created document, the bug appears.
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