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  1. What the hell.... I'm going back to Adobe. Affiinity is so useless.
  2. Yeah what? Why did you post something that isn't working?
  3. Also, guess what? When you export the file to PSD when you open it again in affinity, all text layers turn to pixel layers... Yeah, Affinity is trash
  4. PSD mockups is a huge market and without non-destructive editable mesh we can't use mockups. Please add this feature this year. People are asking for this since 2015.
  5. This is a huge disadvantage for you when it comes to Mockups. Without non-destructive mesh, people can't use mockups in AP. You guys need to hire some developers very soon. I saw people are asking for this feature since 2015. What are you waiting for?
  6. Yes, this is the same bug I had when I exported the broken file to PDF. When I exported it after moving it to the new file the lines was fine.
  7. Yes, the problem was just a bug, and I solve it by creating new file and transfer the work to it.
  8. Do you understand how bad this is? If you're working with a mockup and you need to do changes to the label, you need to place the new exported label to affinity, and do the mesh warp all over again and again and again to the label to fit to the product.... This is so bad.
  9. 6 years later and they did nothing about it. I really want to love affinity but you guys are so slow.
  10. So, if I understand, we can't keep the same mesh warp and everytime you click away the mesh warp resets? Is there any way to keep the same mesh warp transformation and to make edits later. For example I'm using the Mesh warp on an image and when I come back to it, the mesh warp resets...
  11. Here we go again... Another weird problem in Affinity Designer. When I expand a stroke it becomes smaller.
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