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  1. No, the only offer we are running at the moment is 20% off Affinity Designer.
  2. I will take longer than a few months.
  3. TonyBAdmin

    Stroke width off by 0.5px

    Looks like to have Affinity set to show show lines in points (pt) and not pixels (px). You can change this in Preferences->User Interface 'Show Lines in points'
  4. We would be interested to know why you use 2 colour formats. Could you achieve a similar result using RGB with a 2 colour format at export time?
  5. We don't currently have an Overprint Preview feature but it's something we would like to add in the future.
  6. We only sell Affinity on the Mac App Store so we don't have the capability to accept discount codes. Are you confusing this with a Serif.com discount offer?
  7. TonyBAdmin

    Print Dimensions not accurate Part 2...

    No problem David. I will keeping looking into it.
  8. TonyBAdmin

    Print Dimensions not accurate Part 2...

    We will need more help with your printing issue. I have printed out 100mm and 200mm square boxes on both A4 and A3 paper on our laser printers here and they are exactly the right size. I also printed the same from Illustrator and compared the printouts and again they are the same. So I'm stuck. Not sure what to try next but I will keep thinking. We are working on EPS output now so should have more to share later. Many thanks, TonyB.
  9. I would have a look after the update and then see what you think.
  10. TonyBAdmin

    Shortcut for Convert to curves

    What shortcut would you like for convert to curves?
  11. Can you post the file here and I will try and help.
  12. We don't support multiple pages at the moment. We will be adding support in a free update later next year.
  13. Can you post one of the PDF files your are trying to place in InDesign CS4. It works for me in CC but I haven't got access to CS4 at the moment. Also, does it give you an error message or is the file blank?
  14. It looks like we are scaling to a smaller safe printable bounds but it's just wrong. We will get this fixed for the beta next week.

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