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  1. Aeternum

    Cannot Save Files From Designer

    When running affinity as administrator, do you get the same result?
  2. Aeternum

    Edit in Photo...

    I found that immediately after the update, the link was also greyed out for me in photo, to designer. After opening designer, and re opening photo, both links worked. So Hopefully that will be the fix.
  3. Aeternum

    Marketplace for Affinity

    I like what you guys do. This is looking really neat. Welcome to the Forum!
  4. When you go to Your Account > Downloads and Products Keys > You should see the claimed bonus content and be able to redownload. You are not able to claim the reward multiple times, but the download should be available there. Hope that helps!
  5. You just made my life so much easier. Im so dense. XD Thanks!
  6. I would like to see the HSL color wheel added to affinity photo as a default color picker in the color tab on the right side item bar.