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  1. I'm using AD on Windows. Maybe you are using a different version, but for me it does switch to the smear tool when I select any of those brushes.
  2. Actually it does automatically select to the tool in AD. But there is no way to adjust that behavior from inside AD, apparently.
  3. No it doesn't show up in AD, even in that case.. That's a real bummer. This feature really needs to be added to AD, especially since the brushes can be used in both applications.
  4. Thanks, but I know all that. What I would like to do is extract the existing texture so I can make changes to it.
  5. In AD, I'm noticing some of my imported brushes have an icon on the right side indicating the paint brush or the smear brush. And when that brush is selected it will force the corresponding tool. Brushes without that icon can be used according to which tool is previously selected. How does this work? I could find no mention of it in the documentation. How do you create brushes that pre-select the tool, and is there a way to change existing brushes to not have this behavior?
  6. Oh... I see there is nothing really wrong with the watercolor brush, it was just the result of using it near hard edges. EDIT: Actually the square artifacts seem to be a result of the large size jitter. You have to reduce it quite alot to get it to go away. Still, i'd love to know how to extract textures.
  7. Is there any way to extract textures from the brush files? I love the Daub brushes but some of them have errors in the textures. For example the Watercolor blender. At least one of the 3 brush nozzles is creating square artifacts. Its a shame because it would otherwise be a great brush. It would be great if I could extract it, fix it, and replace it.
  8. The smear tool is what the Daub Blender brushes use. It seems to me that the smear tool works similar to blending in Photoshop. What I haven't figured out is how you make a brush that defaults to the smear tool instead of the brush tool... maybe it depends on which tool is selected when the brush is created?
  9. Sorry to resurrect this old thread... I was hoping to be able to do this, but no, symbols are not quite enough. I tried setting up a 3x3 grid of symbols. As expected, the paint does not "wrap" when you paint across the symbols. I want this feature soooo bad.
  10. Here is my attempt. I'm not sure if it gets you any closer than the others, but it makes use of a handy trick I found... You can get stronger FX by exploiting the "Scale with object" toggle. Toggle it on and then scale your object much larger than the original. Then toggle it off and scale the object back down to normal size. I did this with the bevel/emboss to get a more rounded look than you could get by applying it directly. Neat huh? heart-balloons-slk.afdesign
  11. sleekdigital

    [AD] Crash: simply using the pen tool

    That's what I thought, but then a member of the staff asked me to try it in the beta and confused me :)
  12. sleekdigital

    [AD] Crash: simply using the pen tool

    I've looked around, and haven't found how to even get the beta version.
  13. Quite often the app will crash when I am just using the pen tool. Intel i7-5820k Nvidia Gforce 980 GTX Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  14. sleekdigital

    Affinity Designer Woes

    I've been pretty disappointed as well. I wish I had time to report all the bugs I keep finding, but this is supposed to be a finished product and it still feels very much like a beta. As a result, I have to stick with DrawPlus until this situation improves.
  15. sleekdigital

    Transform 100%

    Ah never mind, I guess AD doesn't keep track of transforms like Draw Plus does. I suppose I should add as a feature request.

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