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  1. @toltec I do have both. AP has an Edit in Designer option that works. AD's Edit in Photo does not it seems. Has it worked for you then? Thanks.
  2. Hello, Can someone help me understand what the "Edit in Photo..." option in Affinity Designer 1.6 is for and why is it greyed out? Thanks!
  3. Totally agree with the OP. AP and AD and just simply fantastic. They have fundamentally enhanced my art making as a hobbyist illustration and graphite artist. I've really dived into vector art like never before. I previously used Ps and Ai. Until AD, vector art seemed necessary difficulty in creating vector art. AD changed that for me. Vector design is fun, interesting and exciting. To the OP's point, I too, do T-Shirt designs and these features he mentions are what we really, really need. For me, the biggest want is a true Text Warp tool and not the mesh warp tool in AP. The mesh warp is really, really useful, no doubt. But, a true Text Warp tool for AD would be awesome. I realize that feature is requested all the time here on the forums and I understand it is on the 2.0 release roadmap. Can't say enough that I look forward to that and that AD and AP simply fantastic tools for designers and artist. Thank you for disrupting this space and giving us alternatives to the Adobe CC suite. Keep up the good work Serif!
  4. The Warp Tool is okay for text transformation but really isn't the same IMHO as have a warp tool in Designer. Using the Warp tool in AP requires more precision on the part of the designer (very manual process) and results in a slower workflow effort. Really looking forward to a real Text Warp tool in Designer for Vector designs.
  5. Looks like a good discussion here over the weekend. I'm trying to follow and understand. Really appreciate the feedback.
  6. Thanks for the update @Busenitz Would love for someone from Team Affinity to weigh in. I do agree AD is simply awesome software. I really, really enjoy using it. My wife loves her Silhouette software, cutting machines, and embroidery machines. I haven't used iDraw before and I don't really want to go back to Ai specifically for creating graphics for her. I really wish someone from Serif could shed light on this. I'll do what needs to be done, even if the workaround is a bit cumbersome and a bit redundant for some of the tasks. Thanks again. Please, if you do find a good workaround, gain more insight into the issue or anything along these lines, I'd appreciate a tag in the forum if you post about so that I can keep in the know as well. Best to you, ~T
  7. Hello, I've been having a terrible time with SVG files imported into Silhouette Studio from Affinity Designer when trying to create cut files of my designs. I've searched read the threads here on the issue. The one thread the characterizes my exact issue is found here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/18394-svg-export/ Where user @Busenitz says Definitely, the disappearing element is a problem. Some layers/elements just don't even show up no matter what I try. I've experienced all the challenges spoken in the Silhouette threads here. I've tried all of the suggestions on the forum and it seems that Affinity Designer SVGs are the only files having this issue with Silhouette. The PDF option allows the entire design to import but there is always the issue with separating elements for cutting as well as proportion or sizing issues. What I'd like to know is whether or not this is an Affinity Designer (proprietary format) issue and there needs to be some more tweaking in either software programs to get this right. What is actual fix here and what am I missing? What does AD have this issue and other programs do not? I'm all in on AD and it has exponentially improved my design productivity...until I import my designs into Silhouette. Any insight and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ~T
  8. Checking in on an update to this. I'm running the App Store version. Haven't applied any beta version. I too was working through the Designer workbook and when i got the global colors...I can set a global color and work with a global color but when I go and change the palette name from the default "Document" it crash "every" time, consistently. Any fix for this forthcoming? I don't see and update in the app store. I running Designer 1.5.1 on a MacBook Air MacOS Sierra 10.12.1. Thanks! Thomas
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