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  1. Yes something similar to Rhino would cover pretty much all the bases I think.
  2. Will it be possible to add: Snap perpendicular Snap to object edge (anywhere not just nodes or midpoints) Snap to midpoint of individual line segments Snap tangent to circle or arc Thanks,
  3. Not that I expect any quick fix, but do you have any idea at all what the issue might be?
  4. I have a number of SVG files I would like to edit. They open in AD, but some objects are missing. These same images open and display properly in Inkscape. The SVG file is the initial source file. The afdesign file is what I get in AD. You may have to open the SVG file in a 3rd party editor to see the differences. Basically some of the small circles and squares are missing. Also, yours is not the only application that has difficulty with these files (Corel Draw for example). PWR770_A Mid Layer 1_m.afdesign PWR770_A Mid Layer 1.svg
  5. Yes, I see that the automatic guides work much the way I would expect if you have the objects selected.
  6. Yes it will snap to bounding box, but not to nodes in curves, etc. Sometimes I like to place guides after I have some parts of the drawing completed. Actually I don't even need that when using a certain other Win only drawing software as the automatic guides are more powerful. When drawing segments if you hover over a node of a nother object guides will automatically appear at 45 degrees or other angles you specify and you can do this at mid points of segments. Having snaps at midpoints would be very useful.
  7. I would like the ability to draw a guide line extending thru any two points. In the short term is it possible to make it so the current drag out guides can be snapped to object hot spots?
  8. In my work flow, I have that coded to a key on my 3d mouse (you can find them helpful in 2d apps also). I may be able to program thaat combe for a one button zoom to all objects. I use it really a lot.
  9. I was thinking that it may show "node" or "center" as text. But I am ok with color code.
  10. Can we get the ability to select what entities are snapped to? right now we have basic abilities to snap to object, guides and bounding boxes. It would be great to have individual control to snap to nodes, snap to perpendicular, snap to tangent, snap to guide handles, snap top midpoint, snap to center etc.
  11. Can we show what we are snapping to when the cursor is on a snap point?
  12. Another tool I use al the time is zoom to all objects. Your zoom to fit zooms to the whole document. Zoom to all objects is especially usefule when you have importes a fiel that has invisible or very tiny objects that are located far from the main content. Also, in my work flow, I am constantly re-sizing and composting objects. With zoom to all objects it is easy to resize the view to contain all the objects at maximum zoom that will show them.
  13. The ability to search for objects by properties then replace properties is something I use a lot in a certain other SW. Examples: Find all the objects with red outlines then replace red with black. Find all the .05 wide lines ad replace them with 0.1 line width.
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