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  1. Question: Your Roadmap doesn't give much clarity to whether you're even working on those items for the next major release or any guidance. At least you seem to have realized that the feature is needed. So... I guess I'll just have to check back in a couple of years and see if Affinity has become serious? Feedback: I'm actually old enough to have used Illustrator '88 and even it had a blend tool (not to mention autotrace) ! I was very excited to have an alternative to illustrator since Adobe killed off Freehand, and wanted to love your product ... and you don't even have some of the most basic features that were introduced 30 years ago. I'm very surprised because you've obviously declared that you're serious about providing at least an alternative for Illustrator, if not surpassing it. Generally speaking, your product trial shows that you are very close - but not close enough. In my case, lacking this feature cost you a sale; lack of blend tool is a literal non-starter, and I'm very disappointed. I read the forums, and apparently customers have been telling you this for 2 years: (Take-away: your developer provides lame excuses about how they think there's a more elegant way - though they're not working on that, but don't worry: someday they'll come up with a genius solution. Suggestion: Build the basics that are in virtually every other app, and THEN find a way to be smarter than every else.) I'm pretty sure it doesn't take two years to implement basic blend functionality. Simple step-wise interpolation. (Since you don't provide an API for scripting, it's also not possible to relieve this need by doing what you ought be paying your programmers to do) Feature that holds you back from even being in the running: - Blend tool. I was VERY surprised that you don't have an equivalent functionality; I spent hours searching online and in your screens because I thought there's no way that Affinity positioned themselves as the real deal but didn't include something equivalent. Features that you really need to even reach parity with Illustrator: - Autotrace - Scripting/Macro APIs