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  1. This would be soo cool, if Affinity Photo would support Cryptomatte. I think for that to happen, Affinity would somehow have to work together with the guys who developed the EXR-IO Plugin.
    By the way: Why does Affnity not have tutorials on how to develop add-ons /Plug-ins specific for the Affinity Apps? They could make a profit from that + they don't have to develop all those Add-ons/Plug-ins themselves. ūü§Ē

  2. Hm...I know, that Procreate is not a vector based drawing software (although, I remember, that it can handle/produce curves, that can be rasterized). That is weird, because a curve can produce several "closed" forms and don't have a closed path....just imagine you draw a single path with several loops..it is not a closed path, but closed forms are visible...would be awesome to have it in a vector based design software. Just imagine, how easy it would be to manipulate such curves/closed forms afterwards. You would not have to use the boolean operators again, just to apply a change in the path. I hope people understand my issue. :) 

  3. This is not what I meant. Boolean operations creates at least 2 or more distinct closed paths (or 1 merged closed path). What I want is in AD to have the ability to fill 2 or more closed forms/shapes in one path/curve. Procreate for example does recognize forms/shapes without being it to be one single closed path, even Gimp does have the ability to fill recognizeable shapes/forms that can be filled without the requirement to have a closed path .

  4. Hello,

    there is something that is bugging me, or something maybe I did not understand the right away after watching Affinity Designer Tutorialvideos on your learn page.

    At first I was excited because you guys added the possibilities to add curves/nodes in one excisting curves/Path. Like in this Image I tried (1 Forum):

    Now I hoped that Affinity Designer would now recognize 2 different closed form in one existing path. I selected the fill tool, tried to hover it to the closed form on the right side, but instead of filling this closed form with a color, it does this (2 Forum): why?

    I hoped thos would speed up my workflow, but it seems like I still have to make 2 different paths in order for Affinity Designer to recognize 2 different closed form. Would be nice if Affinity Designer could recognize several closed form in one path!

    Does anyone have a workflow to this (workaround). I hoped to use the pathfinder tool much less (does AD also call it the pathfinder tool?)

    Oh, by the way, the isometric advanced tool is sooo awesome...good work serif :)


    Affinity Designer 1 Forum.png

    Affinity Designer 2 Forum.png

  5. I have requested this same Tool a year ago in some other thread. Glad to see others having the same issue.

    On 9/4/2018 at 12:51 PM, A_B_C said:


    Please have in mind, that this request is not about creating a straight line with two clicks, but about constraining the movement of your drawing tool while dragging it across the canvas. And that still does not work, unfortunately. :(

    This is exactly what I need. Photoshop has it, Procreate has it, and even Krita and many other no name creative softwares are having this simple but powerful tool. Also the pen tool (Line mode) is not really intuitive and only works for the pen, not the brush. Too much clicking involved. If Serif would add such tool....they would get more attention from the digital artists community (not only them). Quick Lines with the brush tool would give us the possibility to set up complex drawings/compositions in a very short time. As you have maybe heard the news from procreate: they are now offering Quick Shapes...that is insane (positively) and useful. I'm using it myself. Of course, I do not ask for the same tool like Quick Shapes. Serif: we would be happy if you would just add quick straight line function to the brush tool (without needing to double-clicking, shifting, and whatsnot). That would be a great start. ^^ 

  6. First:

    As some have already said, I absolutely agree that it makes no sense to add 3D-capabilities to Affinity Designer. I mean it would be different If we would talk about the ability in AD to have possibilities to draw complex and CORRECT(!!!) 3D-Perspective. Someone in this Forum mentioned a perspective drawing technique called "Circle of View". If there would be a way Affinity Designer could add Tools for that kind of correct 3D-perspective drawing, then I'm totally into it. What I mean is that people who are really interested in 3D-perspective drawing will find out sooner or later, that the common knowledge of perspective drawing has some major faults in it.



    If I want to make 3D-Object/Modeling, then I'm definitely using Blender! If I have a 2D-Text made in Affinity Designer and I want to make it 3D, then I'm just exporting the Text in svg for Blender. If there would be a clean and better way to export and import Scalable vector graphics from Affinity Designer to Blender and back, that would be something I and many others would totally love. This will be in future anyway better because the Blender Foundation is currently working on Blender 2.8. I think there is a good reason Serif is keeping Affinity Designer mainly as a 2D-Tool and I'm happy they stick to it, because they know it would be a huge waste of time and money to add 3D-functionalities. We should also keep in mind that the creative industry is also working on all fronts to develop kind of new standard graphics formats (e.g. overhaul for formats like Raw, Vectors, jpeg and so on), which is a win-win for everyone! It would not be smart to add something to AD that might be anyway obsolete and useless in a few years, because other softwares (like Blender) are superior in what they can offer. Affinity Designer would lose its identity.


    You see, It is not only the subscription model why people are canceling Adobe's creative cloud. It is also because more and more people do not recognize Photoshop (as one example) anymore. 5-10 Years ago, creative people would know what Photoshops Identity as a product was. Today Photoshop is more than Photoshop. It is so jam-full of functionalities (it can also do 3D, which by the way do not use it! It is just a wast of time to use Photoshops 3D-tools) that even professionals today only know a fraction of what Photoshop is capable of. And that is for me the reason Adobe products are not attractive to me anymore. Although I still have to use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop at work (unfortunately), which is a pain. Over the past years Adobe just lost its identity hard!


    That is something I hope Serif will never do. Until now Serif has proven this to me very well. They show me products with a clear identity. I know what it can do and what it can not do. It does not brag about capabilities other softwares can do better. It does show their strong capabilities so I know the main purpose for it. That is why I'm more and more using Serif products.


    So please Serif, do not add something that would be waste of resource^^ 

  7. I also got the same mail from microsoft! That is so low! I'm personally not a fan of changing rules so quickly. To me this is really a low action from microsoft to extend the voting. I personally understand, if microsoft wants to extend the voting, but this should be a serious competition. This is not some kind of a drawing contest for 10 year olds, where rules are getting changed every time just to satisfy everyone!


    I should calm down....the world has more severe problems than this xD   

  8. 5 minutes ago, Tourmaline said:

    Ok. Personally I can't see why a program like Todoist should win. Nothing special or real innovation.

    Exactly. Really Sad! But Honestly, I really don't care about the final outcome. That is because I assume Serif will present Affinity Designer for Ipad at WWDC 2018. This will have way more impact on creative/productive people. Nobody will then talk about Todoist anymore. Furthermore, in the second half of 2018 new rumors/ Information about Affinity Publisher will spread (does not matter if Serif will only release the beta version or not at all).

    So, good publicity for Serif. It would be of course awesome, if Serif would somehow win this developer Award. That would give them a good boost for their ego and motivation during the next months. I think 2018 could be very exciting for Serif customers. It is the year, customers will get a bigger picture on what the company Serif is really about (goals, target groups, products, etc.). It could be a crucial year for Serif! They can lay a good rock solid foundation for their upcoming years, if everything goes as expected.

  9. Whaaat? O.o Last Time I checked, Affinity Designer was voted around 48% and now only 26%...and I also remember that even Penbook was a few percent over Todoist! I mean there are hundreds of similar Apps like Todoist. I can absolutely see no exciting Tools, Features and whatsovever Todoist can offer in comparison to other Projectmanagement or To-Do-List Apps for Windows. I mean even Plex does sound more exciting and useful to me^^

  10. Oh trust me, that is why I use Affinity. I tried the new Photoshop CC (before that I had CS4) and it took me 15-20 seconds (sometimes 5 seconds more, If I added some new brushes or fonts to PS and restart it). Photoshop may have a wide range of functionality, great variety for plugins and works great with many other softwares.


    But it's so incredibly bloated. The day Photoshop added huge 3D-functionalities, was the day I realized how greedy Adobe became, because of their desire to be involved in every kind of software that are out in the graphic/design market. They would rather buy that company or create it for themselves and would love to steal customers in a really bad way. That is pure naivety to me. If I want to create something in 3D - I go to 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Blender etc. and not Photoshop (now, I understand, If people would love to create fast 3D-Typography within PS - that would be okay. But beyond that....you know it!)


    Just an example, why I love a big range of different graphic design softwares and alternatives and also use (now mainly) Affinity - even If there is a lot to do. Serif is doing a great job and I will give them also enough time to blossom out in the industry. I know I whine a lot about some missing functions I would love to have. But Serif can take all the time they want. That is a company I think it is really worth the money. I'm sure: If we give them enough time, they will for sure solve the loading time in AD and AP :)

  11. On 14.7.2017 at 9:06 PM, gdenby said:

    I must be missing something here. I don't have any current experience w. Photoshop. I found this youtube vid.




    It is from a couple of years ago. I don't know if things have changed. What is being shown is pretty much identical to what I can do in both Affinity Photo and Designer. Click anywhere, shift down and click any place else. I have a cross hair cursor to show both points. Continue to hold down shift, and proceed from one point to the next, as shown in the vid.


    But the Lines are always made of the last clicked point on the canvas - that's the problem I was talking about. And as you can see in the video ( from 2:18 - 2:21), in order to create a new line somewhere else on the canvas, you have to first create a "last clicked" Point, to create a line (you can see from 2:18 - 2:21, there is a green tiny dot - because of creating a last clicked point). So in reality, you do not have only a straight line, but also the dot you because you had to create a "last clicked point" in order to create a straigth line. That is useless, because it is not clean and accurate for drawing or painting - especially when your drawings are mainly (perspective) sketching. Look at Krita, and see their Line-tool. You will know what I and many other drawing/painting/sketching users mean by that.

  12. 18 hours ago, R C-R said:

    I am not quite sure I understand what the problem is but have you tried using the Pixel Tool instead of the Paint Brush tool for this? Any time you hold down the Shift key, you can click to extend a straight line from the last point to the clicked one. If you hold down the Shift key while you are dragging, the line is constrained to the horizontal or vertical component of the tool's movement.


    This is what i meant. I don't want to create a straight line from the last point to the clicked one. It is inconvenience, slows down the drawing process and is very inaccurate, because you have estimate your A to B points in order to create a straight line (there is no useful cursor for that) I want to create several, if not hundreds single straight line - and it does no good, if a line is always created from the last clicked point. 

  13. This is exactly what I'm trying to tell them all the time what people who sketch a lot really needs. They don't understand, that the way how affinity now works to create straight line, is useless and very inaccurate. Not everyone wants to work with paths and polygons to create lines. There are many who just want to be able to create straight brush lines. They need to understand, that (especially in brush mode) there is a need for a own straight line tool. Their only answer regarding this is : "create  line by first click start- and second click end"



  14. I'm still waiting for a single brush line tool as a main worktool  :)  It's so important to me and many others as you can see here and elsewhere! Can we count on a tool like this for the next months ahead, or does it look like, we have to wait until the next big upgrade 2.x version?


    Love your work by the way - I know you can't fulfill every customers wish-list and despite of that, you really do great how you handle your customers feedback. So, thumbs up! :)

  15. 2 Months ago you could read, that Serif was planning to release a beta (Publisher) in the 2. quarter. Meanwhile, they say just 2017. I'm just saying that between beta and official release are at least several months.

    I can wait - no problem with that. It's just everyone is speculating about a possible release. Why not just take off some pressure (for the Team behind Serif) while not giving some room for speculation for anyone. The day you secretly announce your new product could be a better surprise-effect^^  

  16. I know Serif is trying their best to keep their products up to date. It's just, it's already July and there is still no official Version 1.6 - and Publisher.


    If you can't make it in 2017, then please just change your statement on you homepage about Publisher beeing released as beta in 2017.


    It is driving me nuts. And not only me - for sure.


    How about changing the statement - just to take some pressure off.

  17. First off, I would like to thank Serif for their products they offering.

    I bought all three Affinity products (AP, AD and Workbook) and I'm more than happy, even if some tools (main tools, if I'm honest) are missing.

    So thumbs up!


    Now, about all the concerns from the professional guys here:


    Altough I'm not professional, I do understand and agree, that Serif should listen more to the needs of the professional. It is also ok (and important) to listen to the "average" users.

    However, I think it was a huge mistake from Affinity's marketing department to announce their products for more than two operating systems. Now all the media talks about it and

    more and more people are attracted to the products - which is not bad, but that also means, a new huge community with huge amount of new needs, Affinity can't possibly implement

    in the near future. There is simply not enough staff available.


    I hope Serif will not make the same mistakes in the near future again and focus more on improving and refining their product line.


    If Serif wants to get more serious attention from the industry, it would be wise to listen more to the needs from the professional.

    The best advertisement a Graphic/Design software can get, is from the professional industry itself - not a short mention and presentation at Apple's WWDC!

    A happy professional Designer is more than willingly to help spread and advertise softwares he works with. Colleagues within the industry would give it a try and more

    customers from younger generations that are looking up to their role models in the industry.


    So my Advice to Serif is: Stop listen to the Marketing Department. They did great, but now it is time to focus only on your products and customers needs alone.

  18. hmm I'm with Orphydian. The icons really need some refinement. If someone from my family or friends would see the icons, they would think it is from some game or music app. xD 

    The Icons really look too much. It should be more simple and somewhat recognizable. Honestly, when I first saw Affinitys Products the only difference between AP and AD I could see was the color (AP ->purple; AD - blue). It was only later I noticed differences between these 2 icons.

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