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  1. @Joschi Huge thumbs up for such a well described thoughts and ideas, as well as the way you're talking. I quite don't understand why some people just right away start to "bite" those who just politely expressed their concerns and thoughts. I just wanted to say, that I agree with the main topic of your post - Communication. It would be nice to see at least a bit more communication between Serif and their Customer base. As an example, I would point our Elementor.com. I am one of the early adopters of their software, which pioneered in their category (visual web design and development tool for Wordpress websites). Their level of communication on social platforms, their forums, customer service etc. is just spectacular. Very friendly, opened and encouraging. Makes creators feel like part of one big team/family . But I have to admit, it's something I pay almost 100$ every year for, so I don't know if that's the essence. Maybe we can't get both. I'm not an expert in this field . I guess that's what you wanted to express here. Have a nice day. #peace
  2. Hi guys, so as I'm working on a project where I again need "perfect" circle I tried to use the "Perfect circle" given here in this thread. And well. I have really no idea if I am doing something wrong here, but those circles somehow don't work with Affinity I guess :DD Look. So there is no practical use for me here, unless I would need "just a perfectcircle"... Záznam obrazovky 2021-09-30 o 13.04.07.mov
  3. Same here. But I am trying. Although it's sometimes harder way to do things. But I'm still waiting for the day I will not be forced to have other software installed "in case" I need it for kinda basic tasks like this one. Yes there is a way to do things differently, like it was mentioned here, but still the struggle of knowing that when you open different software, and it will save you plenty of time when doing your work, is just simply bothering. But still. I like to be a pioneer so, I am forcing myself to do all those "impossible" tasks in AD, but still keeping Ai in the back pocket and feeling like split personality sometimes :D Good luck guys with future updates. I really wish Affinity becomes full alternative for (in my case) Adobe apps, or even more than just a "alternative".
  4. Yes I just checked it. The circle is a problem. I tried to rotate a two circles of exactly the same size, and when zooming closely they just don't fit to each other. The circle seems to be fine at 90 degree angles, the problem is somewhere between those. Well, so the circle is not a circle. Seems like it.
  5. I am afraid that is the case. No matter how hard I try, I just can't rotate it precisely around the circle. I tried to draw a line from the middle of the circle to the edge of it, and as I am rotating it, it just doesn't fit. I would have never though to check if the circle is a circle. I guess I will need my girlfriend to draw me circles in her Illustrator haha. Anyways that is very messed up, if it really is the case. I hope there is a solution out of this because I will need to buy Illustrator just to finish my work.
  6. Hi guys. I was recently working for one of my clients and we accidentally found out that power duplicate, or simply when I try to rotate objects or some curve around the circle, than the duplicated/rotated objects always miss the attachment points on the circle. I documented it in the screen recording down below. I am putting it in this Bug report thread because I couldn't find any solution for this. I even tried 360/X rotation instead of exact numbers, but it didn't help. Is there something I am missing here? I will be very glad for any help. Thanks. power duplicate.mov
  7. Hi, this is something few other guys probably mentioned already, but I guess there is still no way to solve this. I am using all three Affinity apps for few months, and Designer since MacOS Catalina. Currently I am using Affinity apps on both Intel based Macbook PRO 2017, and since January also on M1 Mac Mini 16GB 500GB version. Launching Affinity designer on MacOS Big Sur during it's developer/public betas was great, and Affinity launched (at least for me) in matter of seconds. But since release of Big Sur (at least from what I remember) Affinity Designer (haven't been using others before) the app takes too much time to open (at first). I thought that it was caused because of my 2017 Macbook PRO, but still the Adobe Photoshop, or Matlab, Xcode, Lightroom etc. took quite normal and much shorter time to launch. So I bought M1 Mac Mini 16GB (in hope for much faster speeds - which it delivered in all categories except launching Affinity apps). I love your apps, and I've been using it for work very and never looked back on Adobe, except the first app launch time (and well some missing features from Illustrator). So yesterday I tried to analyze app launch through Apple Instruments kit, and the results are quite sad, and to be honest I quite don't understand why it takes so long. As shown in the screenshot, I the time consuming part of app launch is "System interface initialization of frameworks" which takes 52.76 seconds. This is the exact time when the app icon is bouncing in the Dock...After that the app launching dialog window appears. I know that you keep saying that this happens only during first launch of the app after booting up the Mac/Computer, but hey guys...Honestly. Who is opening the app the second time? All what matters is the first time. And honestly sometimes I feel embarassed when I open the app in front of someone who is using Adobe pack, even more if it's Windows PC user, and they keep asking it all apps take more than minute to open on the Mac... What they don't...Most apps open in milliseconds/seconds. I am still searching for my own solving. I tried using different accounts, tried to relocate app folder to another locations, tried unplugging the Mac from the internet, etc. etc. ... Nothing helped. I hope there will be a solution in the future for solving this. If there are any updates of tips for this, I would be very glad to know. Thank you. Regards. Jaroslav
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