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  1. I am not entirely sure what this means? Assuming you are referring a gift card for payment like a pre-paid card, then most likely not. Pre-paid cards can only be spent in the country of issue. We are based in the UK where pre-paid cards are not as common as they are in somewhere like the US, but if you have a pre-paid card that was issued in the UK then give it a go, at worst the payment will be declined. When ordering for someone else though, ensure that you use the email address of the recipient as it cannot be changed after the order has been confirmed. If you are referring to gift cards like you see at the end of aisles at supermarkets, like iTunes, or Amazon gift cards then no, we do not have an "Affinity Gift Card" that can be purchased and spent through our site. As helpfully mentioned by Walt above, we can arrange for you to place an order for a redemption code which you can then pass on to allow the recipient to create their own account and claim the app through our site. If this is something you would like to do, please email our Customer Service team (affinity@serif.com).
  2. Welcome to the Affinity Forum @Rebecca Kilde, Please contact affinityorders@serif.com with the order number so that our team can look in to this further and advise on this for you.
  3. You can create a VAT receipt for any order on your account; https://affinity.store/account/orders/ On your account homepage, click “Order history” and locate the order you wish to generate a VAT receipt for. Click “View VAT Receipt” and enter your details, click “Create VAT receipt” and a PDF VAT receipt will be generated.
  4. I think the same thing every time I quote it, I just assume it means something different in legal terms *shrugs*. My guess is that this is more "wouldn't" than "couldn't" - My advice would be to contact your bank and request a charge back, ultimately you have been mis-sold and the bank should help if you explain the situation. Not directly through the Credit/Debit card portal on our site, but if you apply the card to a PayPal account and pay through PayPal, you should not have any issues AND the purchase would be protected by PayPal.
  5. Hi @sodiqia, Welcome to the Affinity forum. No this is not permitted and is covered in section 4 (b) of the End User Licence Agreement; "you have no right to rent, lend, lease, sell, supply, transfer or distribute, transfer, redistribute or sublicense the Serif Software." You should request a refund the seller and purchase a genuine licence through either our own site, the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store. If you experience any issues placing an order, please contact affinity@serif.com and our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you.
  6. Welcome to the Affinity forum @Maurice Brown, I'm not too sure what this means as we do not create anything that uses the word "Google", or sell anything through the Google Store, but if you are certain a purchase has been made through ourselves, please contact affinityreturns@serif.com with as much information about this as possible and our team will look in to this further for you.
  7. Hi @Harold_D546, You have done the correct thing in emailing affinityorders@serif.com and I can see that you have already received a response. Should anyone else find this post and have a similar issue, please do not contact us through social media or post on the forum as neither team can help, just send an email straight to the email above and the correct team will aim to get back to you as soon as they can (usually within 24 hours, but may be on Monday if it is the weekend).
  8. Following on from Walt's advice, I have searched the database for anyone registered to our store with the email address you use here on the forum. This did not bring up any search results. I also presumed that it is your first/last name in your email address and searched for anyone by that name, that too did not search results for either. My incline is that your original purchase was made through the Microsoft Store, but if you are 100% certain that you bought directly from the Affinity Store, please contact affinity@serif.com with your Order ID and we will be happy to assist further.
  9. Hi @Brian Jones, welcome to the Affinity forum. If your Affinity app purchase was made through the Mac App Store it is tied to your Apple ID and not an Affinity Store account. If you need to install it again, run the Mac App Store ensuring that you are signed in with the same account/credentials used to complete the purchase and the button which usually says "Buy" should instead give an option to install, click that to begin the installation of the program.
  10. Hi @Trav p, We have been unable to replicate the issue you have reported and there have been successful orders placed through our site since you contacted us. We can attempt to place the order for you manually if you like (if so, please contact affinity@serif.com), alternatively should wish to try a few things to get the payment through online, here's some advice that may help. As legally required in the EU, our payment portal uses 3D Secure for all transactions, this is not compulsory in all other regions so it may be that your card cannot purchase through portals that use 3D Secure, or your bank is not yet setup to accept payments that use 3D Secure. As this is not something we have any control over, you will need to discuss this with your bank. If you have purchased using a 3D Secure payment portal in the past and you know that it is not the above that is affecting the order, please ensure that your web browser and anti-virus software is up to date, also check that there aren't any browser plugins that may be preventing the security window appearing or try a different browser entirely. Finally check that your firewall is not blocking any part of the payment process.
  11. Welcome to the Affinity forum @higherglyphics, The only sale we have repeated for the last few years has been Black Friday. We do not have a schedule for sales at other times. I'd recommend signing up for our Newsletter if you would like us to let you know when we do have discounts.
  12. Welcome to the Affinity forum @armandhammer, Our software licences are not transferable and you would need to purchase a separate Windows licence to install on Windows device. Each version is sold separately and each has its own licenses. Licence can only be revoked/cancelled within 14 days of the original purchase.
  13. Welcome to the Affinity forum @KimmystryRose. The Affinity Store is independent of our newsletter database, so it is entirely possible to receive our emails but not have an account in our store. The sole purpose of the Affinity Store is to keep a record of Affinity Store purchases, and as such you would only have any account if one of our apps had been bought directly from ourselves (and not through the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store). Had you been able to sign in, what were you hoping to do?
  14. Hi Buko As advised in the emails between yourself and I, it is possible for us to arrange orders via email that use Debit Card as the payment method and we can send you a payment request from our PayPal account. You are not required to have a PayPal account in order to pay as a guest, but as you referred to yourself, it does appear that restrictions based on your location prevented you from paying as a guest. Unfortunately your location, and how PayPal functions in that location are both beyond our control. Our website does offer PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card as payment methods, you should not have any issue purchasing through our site. Alternatively the App Store and the Microsoft Store offer a wider range of payment methods when purchasing our apps.
  15. Ooops, you are correct - mental lapse. I have corrected my post now. Most likely 😕 - Thanks both of you.
  16. Welcome to the Affinity forum @couteau. We do not offer exchanges but assuming your purchase was made in the last 14 days through our store. you can request a refund by contacting affinityreturns@serif.com. Once refunded, you can then purchase Affinity Publisher.
  17. Welcome to the Affinity forum @arch K, You can create a receipt for any order after purchase within your account; https://affinity.store/account/orders/ On your account homepage, click “Order history” and locate the order you wish to generate a receipt for. Click “View VAT Receipt” and enter your details, click “Create VAT receipt” and a PDF receipt will be generated.
  18. Welcome to the Affinity forum @GGXST, The most recent edition of our workbooks show the Updated UI and any procedures that changed in 1.7. There are however no new projects.
  19. Hi Marburc Welcome to the Affinity forum. It is not possible to move App Store purchases between Apple IDs however this may help; https://support.apple.com/en-ie/HT201088
  20. Welcome to the Affinity forum @Michael Schneider, It is not possible to download App Store purchases from our own store or transfer a purchase between the two stores. To download a previous order, open the Mac App Store and select 'Purchased'. You will be shown a list, which will include your Affinity app (You will need to be logged into the Mac App Store using the same account that was used to purchase the app). If you are experiencing any issues accessing your App Store purchase, please contact Apple for further assistance.
  21. Welcome to the Affinity forum @Rich M., Assuming that this refers to Affinity Photo then you can locate the Product Key on your Affinity Store account - https://affinity.store/account/downloads/
  22. Hi @Najla, Welcome to the Affinity forum. As you have already emailed us three times and tweeted us about this issue, please allow us the time to investigate what may have happened in this instance and as soon as we have more information we will get back in touch.
  23. The unique voucher codes that are sent out to individuals who used our 90 day trial can only be used once, and as such yours was redeemed whilst purchasing Affinity Designer. Please contact affinity@serif.com for assistance placing an order for you Publisher and Photo.
  24. Hi Justin, The order placed on our site does not include the letter "r" in the email address that was used to create this forum account. I am unsure whether or not that is a valid email address of yours but assuming that it is not, please contact affinityreturns@serif.com to request a refund. Once refunded, the team there will be able to assist you with placing a new order with the correct email address.
  25. Hi @digable.daddy, Any vouchers we issue can be redeemed through the link below; https://store.serif.com/redeem/
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