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  1. As A Mac user - this only works with non appstore version? I much prefer appstore.
  2. Exactly. It's kinda annoying for the eyes und requires work at the end to correct the position after the scroll.
  3. Hi, I use a MagicTouchpad on my Mac for ages and I found one really big annoyance with Publisher Beta: When I scroll through a document with 2 fingers I get a lot ob wobbling on the x axis in the free space around the document I normally don't use. Would it be possible to add a scroll lock button to the scroll bars so people could disable scroll wheel scrolling on a axis?
  4. Well crashing on simple style changes wasn't something on my list of criteria for working It's not the missing features, but the abysmal speed and all the crashes and bugs. If that has gotten better I should really try again.
  5. Has the beta gotten useable in the meantime? The last time I tried it was nearly unusable 8(
  6. Well the problem is Publisher is not weeks late, but nearly 2 years now...
  7. And nothing speaks technically against connecting big screens to Smartphones, Tablets etc. Procreate: Not as features? It's a painting app and beats Photoshop in this by far. But yes it's not a photo editor. Affinity Photo is a very good competition to Photoshop as a photo editor even on a iPad. The big advantage of an iPad is the screen - It is much better as everything Wacom has delivered till now (no parallax error etc) and very good color accuracy and depth coupled with very high resolution. All in perfectly fine A4 drawing size that can be moved and scaled if you need more or need to do fine work. Never got why people get Big Wacoms and Cintiq, the A4 one is the maximum size that's comfortable to work with.
  8. I guess you never have used Procreate on a iPad Pro. It runs circles around Photoshop on my big MacPro (6core Xeon) when doing paint work at 8k. For big screen: Many private people have already big screens - we call them TV. I know it's hard for IT professionals to accept that the time of the pc is ending. It will remain for our usage as a special tool. But I don't see it in usage at most private homes and even many office jobs. My personal guess is that by 2030 there will be no traditional PCs anymore - even in special usage cases.
  9. I find this lack of a vision for the future depressing 8( Some pc/mac users act like there never should be any evolution of our tools. Just faster and bigger...
  10. Then you are one of the customers for the expensive workstation. Many *users* are happy to be away from pc/mac - it has always only been a clunky tool for them. It could happen the smartphone take the top computer spot for most people. Connect a BT keyboard and a screen - as soon as the os is able to scale to the bigger screen the people will be happy with it.
  11. Not everybody works with 2 screens. And not everybody works at such an intense level. I for example have fought at work to get only 1 big screen instead of 2 screens. I hate dual screens because of the borders right in the middle of my vision. And not to forget: DTP has been done professional for a long time an screens smaller then iPadPro and computers much worse then a iPadPro. So I don't see any technical hurdles.
  12. My iPad Pro has replaced a old MBP. I consider it my mobile computer, so it would be nice to use it for such work, too. Tablet usage will become the normal computing experience in the future, with a few professional areas staying on expensive desktop workstations.
  13. Serif said "in summer" not "at the start of summer"...
  14. Don't understand what problem with dpi you have - If I change the dpi of a document vector and bitmap objects will be scaled correctly when I select rescale in the dialog.
  15. Guys stop spamming everyone’s mailbox. This is a forum thread and no irc.
  16. The problem is simply that html/css is not designed to be able to display a fixed design.
  17. Then the first version of APublisher will be no option for you. i don't know how often Affinity have to say it: There will be NO PagePlus import.
  18. Affinity already and multiple times said that the first few releases of APub won't be on the level of Indesign or Xpress.
  19. There are different levels of professional. APub surely won't target the high end on it's release.
  20. How that? Isn't that the work for Interface Builder in Xcode?
  21. AD is a drawing application. I'll never get why people expect it to be good at text.
  22. How different opinions are. I don’t see any usage for text in a drawing application…
  23. But professional doesn't mean "is exactly like the current market leader".
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