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  1. I am also for Linux version if feasible. Affinity should not focus much on graphic designers when thinking about Linux, but on 3D artist. There is huge market there, large VfX facilities that are mostly Linux based, including Indie developers/creators. Nowadays app for 3D market are first on Win than Linux. As a matter one of the most expensive apps on VfX market, Nuke, was first developed for Linux, MARI too, so no one can tell that is not profitable. There is gap that could be filled if one has enough vision. But, on other side, I do understand if they are not interested, so I would suggest ppl to invest into Krita kickstarter. It is already gr8 app that can replace a lot of PS already. I think that they have good chances to be Blender of 2d world.
  2. Thanks MeB ! I am matching two drawings and it is way too tedious with current toolset.
  3. So rotation center can not be used as scaling http://screencast.com/t/OXFY3hsSfvBt? Damn miss this a lot!
  4. Purchased, Grade kit coms with Affinity installation?
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