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  1. Is it possible for my design to be converted to DXF format for production on a laser cutter?
  2. Sorry if this has appeared before but my question is about preparing deigns for laser cutting. I have been asked to produce a deign that will be cut on a 4m laser cutter. the manufacturer needs to design in DXF format- any suggestions?
  3. Thanks to the Affinity team for opening my Mac for more creative opportuniities!
  4. Started with what was on my desk and see the challenges that threw up. Could do with something to help with perspective facility (this has been promised for future up-dat!)
  5. Sorry if this has been dealt with previously but- I have designed a square tiled floor for a kitchen as part of a design. In the previous software I used it was a simple task to add perspective to that group of objects. Can I do the same in affinity and how? Keep up the good work guys!
  6. Over laying transparant shapes can help create good effects. There more I use Affinity the more I use Affinity- perhaps Infinity would have been a more apt name! trout tickler.afdesign
  7. Thanks, Dave Harris! Patience is not one of my virtues! I got the shearing to work with the art text. I'm not finding a lot I cannot do (as former Corel/PC user). I found switching between vector and pixel editing useful- for example in deleting part of the ring that the wrist strap is fastened to. I am also grateful to an earlier posting where someone wanted to make a feature rebate into a surface and it was pointed out that the 3D too l will do that by moving the direction to below for example. :D
  8. I am really enjoying drawing on my Mac again! I am missing a perspective feature (if I've missed something similar please forgive me!) To place the letters I found that text can only be sheared when in Frame Text mode. tape measure.afdesign
  9. It flips between the i-beam and an arrow even when I'm not using text (in fact the last couple of graphics I produced had no text in them so I had not even selected the text icon!)
  10. This is a feature I had a lot of use from in a certain other vector program. Is it possible to have it included in future upgrades? It makes things much easier if you select the copy properties from feature when a shape is selected and then you click on another shape and it selects the same fill, line weight etc. Cheers!
  11. I've noticed lately that when I'm drawing I get the text curser which is not the best and most accurate for fine design work! Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  12. Having used Corel Draw on PC's since Corel 2 I'm pleased that I've found something that will allow me to do something like the work I did on that program! This does mean I can get rid of all those Apps on my Mac that I have to work on just to produce some simple designs. The juggling robot is not my first attempt but it has allowed me to try out a variety of techniques (I like the way the gradient rotates with the object, something I found impossible in the last versions of Corel I used. I have my £35 ready for next month! juggling robot.afdesign
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