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  1. I'm trying to replicate step by step what the professor is doing, not trying to make a vectorization , I´ve solved the first step this way, maybe is a start. Thanks for your help 2020-07-22_16-39-52.mkv
  2. When I try to join two lines it erases the other part, what is going on? 2020-07-22_15-55-02.mkv
  3. Right I'm just starting with this kind of work, I work well with photo edting images but I am learning how to make logos and posters etc
  4. Hi I'm doing a graphic design course in udemy with corel but trying to achive the same results in designer. But I can't achieve this form, the options shown in corel aren't available in designer and I'm stuck. how can I do it? Thanks
  5. I'm wondering the same thing, when are they? I want to see the advanced channel selections
  6. Hi I've been working long time in learning how to retouch images in ap, here is an external portrait before and after
  7. Darktable is a great option too, now there is a beta release for windows http://www.darktable.org/2017/08/darktable-for-windows/
  8. Hi I'd like to see the ability to edit masks easily now is very hard to do it, it would be nice to be able to edit masks with levels or curves or something so
  9. On1 photo raw for me is the best option, as affinity photo, on1 is a paid program but you just have to pay once for it, it's amazingly powerfull
  10. How can I make a backup of the presets in my eHDD?
  11. Hi I have a solution that worked for me 1. Create a copy of the background layer or your main image 2. clic on layer rasterize to mask 3.insert the new layer mask into the adjustment layer you want for example curves, if you want to edit the layer mask without the problem you mentioned before do this: 5.take the layer mask out its position and put it above the main picture or background picture 6. create an adjustment layer like curves and drag it to child layer position in the mask and go to the channels of the layer and select alpha 7. the layer mask in this state shows parts of the image (white or shown areas) and the other parts are with squares (or black areas) 8. when you move the alpha channel you are modifying the squares in the mask showing more or less in the mask 9. drag the mask layer into original adjustment layer this is very large process but for me is acceptable right now edit_mask.mp4
  12. Hi the problem is now solved with the last actualization, a question, how did you move all color sliders at the same time? thanks
  13. Hi how can I change the affinity photo shortcut for resizing the brush tool or any other tool with the mouse? I use windows 10 and the shortcut is alt + right click + drag with left clic, but i just want control + alt + drag right clic, I didn't find any way to change that in preferences, please help me! Thanks
  14. Hi everyone I've done a macro with 3 elipses for dodge and burning like lightroom but in ap, one for dodge other for burn and another for contrast. How to use 1.import the macro 2. clic on the dodge elipse macro but ensure the fill color is white 3.clic on the burn elipse macro but ensure the fill color is black. 4.Clic on the contrast macro but ensure the fill color is white 5. Select the move tool [v] for modifying and moving the elipse. You can play with opacity for making stonger or softer the effect or even change the blend mode. The macros will generate an elipse with a name like dodge, burn and contrast for that reason you need to set the correct color fill before apply the macro, and the other reson is because affinity photo didn't allow me record fill colors with elipses. Enjoy :) D&B with elipses.zip
  15. Hola a todos los que hablan español. He estado trabajando en una forma para usar el filtro aplicar imagen de Photoshop y los rangos de color con los que se crean mascaras, en affinity photo y encontre una manera de hacerlo y quiero compartirla con ustedes con varias macros que he creado, una para aplicar imagen y otras tres para hacer la selección de los colores CMY que no estan disponibles en affinity photo ya que solo permite seleccionar los rangos de color RGB, luminosidad, medios tonos y sombras pero no CMY. Como usarlos 1. Importar las macros 2.Con la imagen seleccionada clic en la macro de aplicar imagen 3.Se abrira una ventana con unos deslizadores para ajustar los parametros de la mascara creada, estos permiten mostrar mas o menos partes de la mascara. 4.Clic en aceptar y crear una capa de ajuste como curvas y arrastrar la mascar creada dentro la capa de curvas como una capa hija (child layer) 5.Ajustar los parametros de curvas para afectar las areas deseadas. (Se pueden usar otros ajustes). 6. Disfrutar Para usar las macros de CMY, aplicar la macro a la imagen para seleccionar el color deseado y con la selección activa abrir un ajuste de curvas o el que quiera y automaticamente creara la mascara del color dentro del ajuste y mover los parametros. Esto se usa para aplicar un ajuste a areas concretas de la imagen como el cielo solamente o como alternativa a las mascaras de luminosidad para hacer HDR. Selecciones CMY y Aplicar Imagen.zip
  16. Hi I've seen this video about macros https://vimeo.com/202743232 But I can't do the preseted in the video, when I clic in the layer when recording, pops up a message saying that I cannot record "set current selection" what I'm doing bad? I use Ap in windows 10
  17. Apply image and color ranges from ps in ap macros Hi everyone I've been working in a way for making apply image and color ranges from photoshop in affinity photo and finally I've done a macro with a function like that. Affinity photo doesn't have an option for making selections of CMY, but photoshop in color ranges has these options and rgb and highlights, midtones and shadows which ap has. I've done a macro with similar functions for apply image and three macros for making selections of CMY. How to use 1.Import macros 2.Select your current image in which you are working (obviosly) 3.Apply the macro apply image and it'll pop up a sliders for adjusting settings like midtones (gamma) shadows and highlights. These settings are for showing or hidding parts of the mask. 4.Apply and adjustment layer like curves and drag the generated mask into the curves as a child layer. 5.Now you will see the mask in black and white and you can alt + clic to see the mask. 6.adjust the parameters of curves 7. See magic For the CMY macros you can select your image and apply the macro for see the CMY selections for fine tunning and after selection you can add an adjustment layer like curves and i'll mask automatically the CMY selections. I hope this be useful for you. Selections CMY and apply image.zip
  18. Hi I am wondering how you recorded the macro, when I want to select the layer with crtl + click in windows 10, it pops up a message "cannot record selection from layer" and I can't record my own luminosity masks, I want 6 instead of 4, what can I do? edit: I saw in your macro recording that you could record selection from layer.
  19. My friend I agree with you with somethings, affinity photo needs to be more intuitive, but you want it be like photoshop and affinity photo isnt photoshop is affinity photo and you need to learn its logic how it works on the contrary you want affinity photo be photoshop, and in that case stay with photoshop, affinity photo is affinity photo not photoshop.
  20. Hi as the title says I don't know what composite alpha channel is and how I can use it. I understand that alpha is transparency but this channel is white, I've never used it but I want to know what it is and what it is its function thanks....
  21. This youtube chanel has basic tutorials about ap, look at this basic tutorial for begginers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzao2waIKog
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