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  1. 这实际上就是一个排版避头尾的规则设定。如果affinity有中文开发人员的话,应该能看懂我说的话。
  2. I have to post a reply again, hoping affinity product can support Chinese typography. Thanks!
  3. Thank you, guys! Hoping this feature will be available very soon, 'cause if it doesn't support Chinese typo, Publisher can't use here compare to Indesign.
  4. Hello guys, I am starting to use affinity publisher for my work. It is so great app, and I love it. But I am using Chinese and I can't make the typographical errors gone. As shown in the image below. In chinese language we should not let punctuation in the head of a line. Hope you guys can check it out! Thank you always!
  5. I have bought Affinity Publisher! So great app,and I have said goodbye to Indesign. But I found a problem. When using paragraph , there is something not right. see the picture below. the comma and period come to the head of the sentences. Hope u guys can fix it soon. Thank u!
  6. OK , thank you guys! I view the first two pages of the forum ,and didn't find something, so I posted here. Thank you for reply. I will check more posts.
  7. version when insert images and set linked in resource manager. the file size still not small , it is way big , seems that the images are all enbeded in the file.
  8. Thank you! And if this support CHINESE , that will be great!!!
  9. AP can't load LUT files in the dicrectory of asian language location. I put the lut files in my chinese name folder, it won't load. When moving to none chinese name location, it loaded.