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  1. ok,so here's the test text test.afdesign
  2. use the [ Affinity Designer ]
  3. Line breaks for Chinese punctuation: when border text is entered, Chinese punctuation will automatically appear at the beginning of the paragraph, which is usually considered to be wrong. With the translation of the direct translation, I hope you can understand
  4. @MEB I reloaded the computer system, and now I've solved this problem, But why do I have this problem and I don't understand
  5. Hi,I come from China and this requirement is Google translation. Hopefully you can see that. ha-ha。 Here's the subject: 1. I hope that the pressure preset by the brush stroke will always exist in my document so that I don't need to readjust the next time. 2. The color halftone is a good texture, hoping to have this function. Finally, I hope that affinity design will do better, and I like this software very much!
  6. I also can't save PDF. The prompt message "an error occurred while executing" The version is affinity designer The Windows version