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  1. Anybody willing to bet that we will hit the 3 year anniversary of the road map, 21st Aug, without arrow tool appearing? Please Note: Members of the Affinity Development Team are not allowed to participate - even if they know no more than we do.
  2. I didn't even know that I had a gallery - where is it? :)
  3. Hi MEB Thanks again uninstalling enabled me to install update ..... and without having to re register.
  4. Thanks MEB I did think of doing that but I was not sure if I would then have to go through all the registration procedure again. I have my product key so I will try uninstalling.
  5. I cannot get the 1.5.3 update to install. After downloading the update starts to install and then stops. I have rebooted and tried downloading again and this time it gives the choice to 'Repair'. If I chose this the 'repair' runs but on opening Designer it still shows as, with the notification a new version is available. Also after the repair the interface seems 'corrupted', if I click on Help the drop-down list appears under View I have now tried four different downloads with the last three only giving the option to repair, with the same results. Can somebody please help.
  6. @ Alfred, I fully agree that whatever we have been told, little as it is, isn't 'fake news' but do we now have to change the old adage to read "some news is good news". Or should we keep 'doing a Sturgeon' and keep 'banging on' until we get what we want, which isn't necessarily what everybody wants :rolleyes:
  7. @ Hokusai There is nothing megalomanic in posting the truth, the fact that there is no viable work-around for 'true' arrowheads, in a form usable as obviously many want and even need to use them. There is no need for "In my opinion", "I think", or "To me" when stating what many others have, in your own words, already stated since the beta version of Affinity Designer. It could be argued that in life there is a 'work-around' for almost everything but that is not a valid reason for them to have to exist, or be used, in anything where they should be expected to exist as a basic, even essential, component. If anyone, including the very silent development team, can think of, or even give an anywhere near possible reason why they did not exist from the start, or why they have not been added already then I will from that point on stop reading this thread and continue to (impatiently) await their introduction. As a Serif 'devote' I do not mean to 'belittle' in any way the Affinity development team, who have done fantastic work, but it is not good practise to leave your customers, many of them new to using Serif products and whose business you have been 'fighting for', trying to "guess about their reasons for the omission" of something that to many is obviously an essential part of the program (app). My only "guess" is that Designer's original concept was as an 'Artistic' program (app) with no thought for those of use who have a more 'practical' use for it........ and who, with (some) respect, may not have the time to keep finding and using work-arounds. Nor is it good business practice to tell your customers when they are continuously and vociferously asking for something "you will get it when we are (good and) ready", without giving a valid reason for the delay, or a realist time for when the omission will be rectified. If in my 40 years in sales and marketing I had told a new customers when they asked why an essential component had been missed to "find a work-around for yourself", our "you will get it sometime in the unspecified future" then that customer would not, in a highly competitive market, have been a customer for very long. That is my opinion.
  8. I am aware that Affinity Designer is not a 're-write' of DrawPlus - as indicated by my words "Considering that such a supposedly, but admittedly different, 'inferior' program (OK app) DrawPlus X"- nor did I expect, or hope, that Affinity Designer would be the 'next version' of DrawPlus. I will admit that I had hoped that (eventually) DrawPlus would continue to be developed into a full CAD program. In fact as a Serif devotee since they first started with freebies on magazines I am very pleased that as a result of their brilliant work on the Affinity programs the developers have opened up whole new markets to Serif. I am also overjoyed for Serif that with the Affinity programs that they have shown those who previously 'looked down their noses' at their products what a great BRITISH company they are, more than capable of taking on the previously long revered 'giants of the industry'. BUT drawing program or design program there are basics, such as arrow heads obviously needed by the users of both kinds of program, and as the chief of the Affinity development team also worked as a projects manager on DrawPlus then those basics (which have been a part of DrawPlus for as long as I can remember) must have been known about. Or are we supposed to segregated into 'Designers' and 'craftsmen', where the designers live in their own stratified, arty ***** world, far removed from such mundane things as arrow heads, dimension lines/scaling, etc..
  9. A very sincere thanks to Matt Priestley for all his previous good work with DrawPlus, a much loved and still loved program by its users. But without meaning to be rude to him - in that case how could he let a basic (to me and many others) feature such as arrow head be 'missed'. Oh, and I've discovered after much wading searching that version 1.6 won't be a 'paid for', my mistake :(
  10. I tried doing that, after my initial gasp of surprise when I found out that arrowheads and other line ends were not in Affinity Designer from 'day one', then I went dizzy trying to understand why. Considering that such a supposedly, but admittedly different, 'inferior' program (OK app) DrawPlus X has 41 line endings as standard I would have thought that Affinity Designer could/would included at least arrow heads as a basic feature, not something to be (possibly) made available in the future - and if I understand correctly in version that will have to be paid for. I do hope, hopefully not in vain, that along with arrowheads they are going to include dimensioning/scaling, such as DrawPlus has, along with the arrowheads. Question - Did the Affinity team even look at Serif's own DrawPlus, or any other design/drawing programs?
  11. Why are not Serif running their own courses? I would gladly pay for such courses adding not only to my knowledge (little as it is) and enjoyment of my hobby but also to Serif's cash flow. Coming from every version of Serif PhotoPlus X I thought that I could handle 'basic' photo editing but I am finding the jump to Affinity rather a large one and am find the tutorial videos are causing me 'information overload'. For some things that I consider basic I have had to revert to PhotoPlus because I cannot find out how to do them with Affinity, or even if the facility to do them exists. I must admit that I find Affinity 'Help' rather unhelpful, with its plethora of technical terms which I do not understand. I appreciate that this is (perhaps) because Affinity is now aimed at the more 'professional market' due to Serif's laudable, understandable and to be encouraged entry into such a market. I also admit that I find these Affinity Forums rather unhelpful/difficult to navigate with the 'jumbled-up' of Affinity Photo & Designer ---- another plea for segregation. Plus another plea ------ for an Affinity Photo work book very soon. I appreciate that Affinity is still it's 'development stages' and future versions might/would make a work book out of date but a work book (soon) would give those of us who would like/need one a start, to enable us to progress (easier) to changes in future versions and not possibly fall further and further behind. With the (apparent) ethos of 'hanging on until Affinity is finalised' we will soon have along with private courses an independent Idiots Guide published for Affinity Photo, a missed opportunity for Serif.
  12. Thanks MEB for your reply & link. Somehow I missed your post, before now. Now my old eyes have something to look forward to (without eye strain :) )
  13. The only thing that 'worries' me is when that sneak was obtained because "next year" is stated, so is that 2017 or 2018? :)
  14. Hi MEB, Thanks for your reply, sorry not posted to it earlier. I do fully appreciate what you are saying. I have now got all 10 of my Topaz Lab plug-ins, those shown on your list, plus AKVIS HRD Factory working fine with AffinityP Windows. I am having problems with AKVIS SmartMask but this might be/is due to my ignorance - whenever I attempt to use it I get the message that "Image has a read-only alpha channel (transparency is locked)" and I have no idea what this means :unsure:. Although I would like the answer to this I am using the alternative Vertus Fluid Mask as a 'stand alone', as I did with PhotoPlus X8 and as soon as it is available for use with AffinityP I will be scrapping AKVIS SmartMask. I am also having to use Filter Forge as a 'stand alone' but from the Filter Forge forum I note that there is on-going interaction between you, Patrick, the Affinity development team and them so have hopes that this will soon (?) be in the AffinityP plug-in list.
  15. Hi RC-R Serif did not indicate that all/any of the plug-ins they sold for use with PhotoPlus would work with AffinityPhoto and I was not implying that they did. BUT they were not purchased via their website, which would have made their purchases solely my choice, not knowing that AffinityPhoto was very near release - they were sold during a "Valued Customer" phone call, initiated by Serif sales dept, as I said only a month before AffinityPhoto was officially released and when they would/should have known how imminent AffinityPhoto was. The same sales dept, the same person, contacted me regarding the purchase of both Affinity products. My point is that Serif must have obviously known that they were/had been selling (by phone) these plug-ins and others by Topaz to their "Valued Customers" over the years and therefore hopefully the Affinity team would have been made aware of this. They could then have given more thought to the amount of money Serif's loyal "Valued Customers" had contributed towards the development of Affinity by the purchase of these plug-ins, and therefore given more thought to the suitability of their usage. If, as seems likely as no firm dates are being given, that most of these plug-ins will continue to be only suitable for use with PhotoPlus then PhotoPlus should not be classed as a no-longer supported 'Legacy' product, at least until the plug-ins 'problems' are sorted out.
  16. Hi MEB Thank you for the link to 'tested' plug-ins for Windows, which I have been searching for. I must admit that I am 'slightly steaming' because Serif sold me 5 AKVIS plug-ins, 3 FRANZIS, plus FilterForge 5 Pro, only a month before the issue of 'finalised' AffinityP version Now it appears that these, along with 7 other AKVIS and Vertus Fluid Mask plug-ins, also purchased from Serif will not be usable with AffintyP for an unknown period of time and therefore if I want to see a return for my money I will have to continue using my now 'unsupported' PhotoPlus X8. As Serif are/were selling these non-operative plug-in products to their loyal customers I feel that there should have been more thought given to support for them in the development of AffinityP. I do greatly appreciate the ever increasing demands on your time that this forum is placing but have you any idea when you, or possibly some other equally qualified person, could do more testing of the plug-ins still in doubt, and the Affinity team doing something about those not (yet) supported?
  17. From the 'Road Map' for 1.6 and 2 my Christmas befuddled brain cannot begin to imagine what will be in version 4.x :) That isn't a question.
  18. Thank you to you all for your answers clarifying this for me, greatly appreciated.
  19. With respect to Alfred, who I most certainly do respect, phrases such as "now looks" and "or so" are not certainties, or even promises. Whilst I am not disrespecting, or doubting, any statements made by Serif, and fully appreciating that changes/developments take time, I would have thought that something more definite, on such a requested/basic feature, could have been stated. As version 2 was going to be a 'paid for release' has it been stated whether version 1.6, whenever it is released, will be a free update to or will it be a new paid for version? This question is asked because I cannot find anything on this despite a forum search.
  20. Just to add one more voice 'pleading' for a lighter/brighter interface. Despite now having to use 'computer glasses' :( I still find the present funereal interface very hard/difficult to see and to use. Thank God Serif haven't chosen to use the same colour as the background for this forum :rolleyes: .
  21. Plus another 1 ....... not sure how many that makes. Must admit that I had only AffintyP installed on new 'super' (Windows) laptop but I have now install PhotoPlus X8 as well, for the time been (?).
  22. There are quite a few post on the Topaz forum regarding the use of their plug-ins with AffintiyP.
  23. I use to be but age has reprogrammed me - surely that now shouldn't be reapped me. Whoa ... and a thread with members chatting, with only one post containing jargon. Happy holiday greetings to all.
  24. Hi Hi RC-R To clarify what I meant by saying that Windows users were not given the same consideration as mac users let me explain. I have used every Serif product since the days when they were given away free as 'floppies' on magazine covers. Like every one their programs (when they were called programs) these were for use on Windows OS and therefore Windows user were the mainstay of Serif's business and the source of their revenue. Obviously this included every issue of their photo programs, along with which they would (re)sell third part plug-ins, mainly but not exclusively Topaz. I was sold/purchased six of these less than a month before AffinityPhoto for Windows was released. Now though when trying to find out the suitability of all these previously purchased plug-in for use with Windows AffinityPhoto there is no information available and no indication of when it will be other than a vague "soon". There is a list though of plug-ins suitable for use with AffinityPhoto for Mac. As Serif have been (re)selling plug-ins to their loyal customers for many years for use with their Window photo programs I feel that 'consideration' should have been given to this when/before they issued Windows Affinity, and a list of their suitability for use already prepared. Whilst Mac users may have (initially) been guinea pigs it does appear that only their needs were taken into consideration and they now have two brilliant products that can compete with anything on the market, but Serif's loyal Windows customers who helped finance these apps are now having to slowly play catch-up.
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