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  1. (NOTE: This thread was originally posted in this Announcement thread, but it was split off by a moderator when replies to it turned into it's own topic)

    Thanks in advance for the fixes! At this time i'm writing the updates are still not available in the MAS, but the Publisher from the Affinity Store was updated without problems this morning! Keep them coming!

  2. 1 minute ago, retrograde said:

    No. I don't even know where that setting is located. What I'm saying is that if you have an embedded image, using the resource manager will allow you to change it to linked.

    Where is the "prefer linked" setting? I'm using the mac beta.

    When you create a new document you have the option right after the document sizes.

  3. 45 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    Thanks! I did not realize that the AD beta includes a Resource Manager like the one in APub, which indeed does let me change embedded documents & placed images to linked files.

    But I still am puzzled why setting the "Image Placement Policy" to "Prefer Linked" doesn't seem to work for me. Does it work for you?


    11 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    Are you saying that the Image Replacement Policy "Prefer Linked" setting works for you? If so, are you using the Mac beta?

    They work for me. I've done a quick test, i've placed 2 images in a document with prefer linked setting and then i've closed the document and deleted one of the pictures. I've reopened the document and i have a warning tell me that one of the resources are missing.

  4. 22 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    So have you found a way to link documents using only Designer? Otherwise, it seems to me the only use for the AD package function is to package fonts into the saved folder unless you can link the documents in APub (because placed documents are always embedded in AD).

    IOW, at least for me, in this beta it does not matter if I set "Image Placement Policy" in File > Document Setup to "Prefer Linked." I get either an "(Image)" layer (for single layer file types like jpg or png) or an embedded document for multilayer file types (like for native Affinity files). So unless my AD document includes text, my saved package folder includes just an *.afpackage file & an empty "Images" folder.

    If you use view > resource manager it doesn't help you make them linked/embedded?

  5. 20 minutes ago, Hangman said:

    @dcarvalho84 Seriously, I'm the last to be critical of other users in this forum, but please, just grow up, the bleed in a document with artboards is working perfectly in the latest Beta so please don't criticise when someone is trying to:

    a) be helpful and

    b) you've not bothered or taken the time to do something correctly

    I see this, 'I'm superior to you' or 'I know more than you do' attitude in so many forums and it really 'frustrates me' (to be polite). @walt.farrell was and always is trying to be helpful to others so please don't throw your toys out of the pram when you've failed to do something as simple as make sure the View > Show Bleed is checked as @Old Bruce pointed out!

    Anyways, off my soap box now, some people need to 'learn' (sadly), as it should come naturally, to be kinder to others, it would seriously make the world a much better place than it is currently... 😀

    I will just reply to you (and i'm opening an exception) to tell you that i really know where view-> show bleed is and what is it for but that is not my problem, if it's working for you fine. For me this is a closed case and i will not reply anymore regarding this.

  6. 11 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    If they didn't say it was fixed then it probably wasn't.

    I'm almost sure it was working on that's why i'm talking about it, and it is not the first time that you crash with me because you like to meddle in what does not concern you.

    For me is enough. I'm just here to help find things and make the app better, but not this way. This is my last post here in beta forums. Sorry.

  7. 38 minutes ago, SPaceBar said:

    HI @dcarvalho84 To investigate this we'd need to be able see a video of the issue / look at the files so we can attempt to print them.

    If you see the issue again please upload the file in question and provide as much information about the printer being used as possible.

    Yes, i know, but unfortunately when i have those i was a little bit tight on time and i've to do what i have said. I have some more printings to come since i have a print shop, and will let you know as soon as i spot another file with some problems. I will try to reproduce with the 2 i've had problems too.

  8. I'm having a problem, at least twice, i've exported the file, no errors, the file seems to be ok, but when printed (happened with 2 different printers and 2 different files) i end up with some weird caracters.

    The preset i'm using is the X-1a:2003 and unfortunately i don't have the files because i have to convert the font to curves and i've exported over the file but will be aware and as soon as i've another file with problems i will post it here.

    (I know i shouldn't use the beta for work but that is the only way to find problems right? ;) )

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