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  1. UPDATE: This thread can be deleted. It was a user error where they had started to open an affinity file in v2 first time and then cancelled but the finder prefs were locked, or something like that. Finishing the V2 first run solved it, and then I could go back and change in Finder which to default to.


    I just updated one of our Macs to the latest Ventura 13.2

    I have both v1 and v2 of Designer on this computer. there are still quite a bit of bugs in v2 to switch all the company's computers over over, but we are working towards however. right now the default is to open all files in v1. That particular computer is getting these errors when doubleclicking on an affinity file:


    The program open just fine and the file open just fine from the program. This all happened after the update yesterday.

    I have tried changing the "open with" in get info but it's telling me the files are read only - they are not. If I go into security in settings I can manually tell each file to have special clearance to open, but that is a pain.

    Anyway to fix this?


  2. On 11/13/2022 at 10:58 PM, Ron P. said:

    You ever hear of Macromedia? I remember when Adobe bought out Macromedia. They then started doing away with as much of those products created by Macromedia. I think Macromedia Flash was about the first they trashed.

    Actually, it was Aldus Freehand - at least when I used it. Loved it. When AD came out it reminded me more of Freehand than IL and that's what got me started again.

  3. 4 hours ago, MrDoodlezz said:

    you mention that no competitor offers backwards compatibility – which is just plain wrong.

    Sorry. I was referring to Indesign and Illustrator. I rarely use PS but I assume that because Affinity can read and write to PS files that you are correct on that. Indesign is always wanting to save the files in a new format whenever I open them.

  4. 15 hours ago, Designer1234 said:

    I don't understand who use AD and consider it as a competitor for AI :D

    I agree. AD has slices that AI doesn't have and that is a game changer for making newspaper ads.

    11 hours ago, Aongus Collins said:

    Yes, Freehand is sadly missed.

    agreed. in the prepress side, I much preferred FH over IL when files came in. FH had the multiple size pages (artboards) long before anything else did and it was intuitive. You would have entire business packages in one file - Letterhead, business cards, envelopes. AD is much closer and that is what attracted to me it 5 years ago to start trying Affinity.

  5. I fail to see how any of these issues are Serif's problems. 

    1. The computer could be upgraded - problem solved. Any computer in the last five years will run it fine. I have a 12 year old iMac that won't run it. I wish it would, but the time has come to upgrade that worker's computer.

    2. See 1

    3. You don't need a $5,000 laptop to run the affinity line. Not sure where that number came from. However, I do take a $5000 laptop with me even when camping or hiking, and I have to do some business, so easily possible.

    Backwards compatibility might be something you want, but it's not beneficial to Serif, nor do competitors allow the previous version to open the newest unless you export as a really old format which strips stuff out all the time.

  6. I have the exact same thing happening. When the slices export location dialog box comes up, I get the spinning beach ball. I have deleted Finder preferences, started in safe mode, etc. 

    I have Dropbox but not saving to Dropbox folder. I would say this happens 50%+ of the time.


    Late 16" 2019 MPB

    Intel I9 - 64GB RAM - 2TB SSD

    This started, along with many other OS issues after "upgrading" to Monterey. Never had any issues under Catalina but I was told for security reasons I needed to upgrade. I should not have listened. it's best to stay with the OS it came with and was designed for, I think.


  7. On 7/25/2022 at 12:55 PM, Michael S Harvey said:

    As I remember, Serif Pageplus was sold as a "professional" desktop publishing solution that was also suitable for the amateur. I always took that to mean it produced output of professional level quality, which for the most part it did, despite a lot of commercial printers not taking it seriously.

    it was marketed as professional, but we never took it seriously because it never could output correct PDF's. They were always RGB even if the colors were correct in the file. Pageplus could export separations but we do not want the programs exporting them. Printers need to control how the files are exported and separated for their equipment and imposition purposes.

    Affinity programs can export correctly with spot colors and pantone colors in the exported PDF files.

    I always wanted PagePlus to export right, but it couldn't. I still use it for things such as calendars and other items because I don't know of any thing else that can do that. I then export the files as PDF, correct the colors, and then import them into Affinity or Adobe (pretty much have left Indesign). If I could find another generic calendar maker, I would drop Parallels and Pageplus, but for now I haven't found anything that competes with this old program.

  8. I was a PagePlus user back from 1993. I find the the new apps very refreshing. not much changed throughout the years with Serif other than small upgrades here and there for Windows OS. It's nice to see Serif saw the future and took it. It was not with Pageplus. i had moved to the Mac and the only way was to use Parallels. Now I can use it on anything and it's tremendously more powerful. I would sacrifice all templates - I don't need them. I want tools to get the job done and Affinity has put Serif on the right path. 

  9. I believe we have figured this problem out. It's in the Mac Mini's themselves. We bought a second M1 Mac Mini and it had the same issue and was connected directly to the network - no wall wiring. What happens is that after a while the network on the computer seems to lose packets and then loses it's connection to shares even though it shows connected. The issue is with the network adapter and how it works in automatic mode on IP6 DNS configuration. If you have it set to automatic it will eventually run out of a cache space in the configuration as it continually tries to update it's status.

    The solutions seems to be this:


    I believe you can set it to Manually or Link-Local only and it will fix the issue (click apply or ok). Yesterday was the first day of heavy usage (newspaper day) and it never had one issue with it stuttering or network responsiveness and we had no files close.

    These files get relatively large - on average 300 MB - and we don't embed anything - so this was a good sign. This was successful on both M1 Minis that were exhibiting the issue. I may change it on all of our computers.

    Hopefully this will help anyone else that may be using these computers on a network.

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