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  1. In my previous post I received some help in regards to what settings to use in AD for your color profile, now as I continue to do my Lets Make Shapes project or Spacetronauts I realized that I can't put them on Redbubble or Inprnt because of different colors. Which the previous solution was : "The color profile you want to use as the Designer document is setup to use Wide Gamut RGB. If when exporting click on More and change the ICC profile to sRGB this should be closer to what you are wanting, for posting on the Web" - Lee D Now what I am wondering is what color profiles to use in scenario for printing your digital artworks? Because on Redbubble : "Our garment printers only print in the CMYK format so we recommend designing in this colour spectrum as it will give you a better idea of how the final product will look. You will still need to convert to sRGB colour profile to get your works looking as glorious as possible on the site." - And seeing all of my designs for AD has been designed in the solution posted above, will I be able to convert them to CMYK without losing much of the color choices? Thanks in advance!
  2. In any given programs there is the ability to crop the canvas, however in Affinity Designer you have to go all the way to the Document Setup and do the guess work if you're cropping at a specific size. Is there any possible ways to crop the canvas on the canvas itself, like in Photoshop or Illustrator you can just resize the canvas with the artboard tool, however that doesn't seems to be the case in Affinity Designer, unless I am missing something here. Thanks!
  3. Greetings, I have had this problem too on Photoshop, any other software works fine when you use Window Capture. However both Photoshop and Affinity Designer, I can't see the canvas. I Is there any way to resolve this aside from using full display capture? Which defeats the purpose, since I want to record the application window. Thank you.
  4. Greetings folks. In this thread I will simply be documenting the journey, of things that I create with Affinity. This is not meant to be a thread for tutorial, rather a thread for what can be made with the software. With that on the side, feel free to ask questions if you have, I will be happy to answer. Cheers!
  5. BrianHermelijn

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    Starting to get into vector illustration lately. Got a long way to go.
  6. BrianHermelijn

    Digital painting with Affinity Photo

    Finally seeing some more rad digital painting practice or works made with Affinity Photo. Granted whichever tool someone uses, as long it has a brush system, peoples can make it work. Welcome back after a long while (first time seeing your works) What is your experience with Ipad Pro? You like it?
  7. Greetings, I have a question. One thing I noticed, when I expand my strokes they turn out differently than the original shapes with stroke on. See image for what I mean. Any ideas why it does that?
  8. Oh no. Hopefully it gets fixed some time in the future. Since I use expand a lot.
  9. Not too sure, but this is the first software that I actually used their help menu @toltec I feel, everything is easy to find once you take a quick glance at the help menu, and of course the already made video tutorials on Vimeo. And as you said, if someone is still stuck, they can just ask here
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    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    @Phil_rose No worries dude. I think you will get best experience by also having your own thread like this, because it somewhat puts you into the mindset of you have to create, since peoples are watching your thread, and continues to expect something new. I don't know, that's the the experience I have gotten after starting this whole thread. @wigglepixel Thank you, and will do. Cheers!
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    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    Hey @Phil_rose glad I was able to inspire you, keep creating keep going. You might want to make your own thread in the foreseeable future. That way others can see better, what you make and of course, it doesn't fill up another persons thread. Cheers!
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    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    @Phil_rose Thank you. @bor Oh that's interesting. Goes to show that everything is a remix, haha. Didn't know about this band. Then again, that is to be expected since I am from Curacao after all.
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    Affinity illustrations and experiments

    Great to see more illustrators/artists on here. We need more peoples. Do you always start on paper or you also have an Ipad + affinity on it. If you do have an Ipad, what has your experience been with it? There seems to be a lot of good feedback for Ipad, which of course peek my interest, to get one in the foreseeable future.
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    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    Exercise of today. Create shapes from this reference of my light bulb in the bathroom
  15. BrianHermelijn

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    - Its right when you post you notice all the mistakes. But have to keep going right?
  16. BrianHermelijn

    Retro electronic music maker

    Simplicity is the key. Good stuff. Was about to ask if you also do pixel art/voxels, then googled your name and found some other stuff.
  17. As already been pointed out by @firstdefence @gdenby You gonna have to use the Pixel Persona or Affinity Photo for drawing out what you want to create. After that using Designer in vector mode to recreate what you drew as vector. One way I tend to do sometimes is using the geometric tools, and turn them into curves, and then I use the node tool to push and pull things to where I want them to go. Example of this
  18. BrianHermelijn

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    A different challenge I started with. Sketched in Paintstorm Studio/Vector in Affinity. Will fine tune them some more, tomorrow. For now here is the WIP.