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  1. I tried as suggested and file opened with tiny text. Am I supposed to import the file or just open it? I don't even see "import" anywhere.
  2. Newbie to Affinity. I looked in help to import PSD file. I see instructions for other file types, but not PSD. Do I just open the PSD? I can open and ungroup and select elements, but can't select text to change it. What am I doing wrong? file attached untitled.afpub
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm certainly not a power user and don't need to be one for my basic needs. Nobody answered my question as to the learning curve compared to Photoshop though. Probably an earlier version. I'm definitely leaning toward the easier of the two. What thinkest thou?
  4. Coming from the Serif side of the wall, I'm curious. will I feel at home with Affinity or is it unrelated? Also, how does learning curve compare to Photoshop?
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