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  1. Pretty good @Waldkauz I would add some color variation and push a bit the values but great job anyway!
  2. Hi @GabrielM, thank you for stopping by. I mean that happens more often when I sample colours with "pick colour" tool in the lower tool bar (see img). The fun part is that I'm trying to reproduce the same thing by an hour or so and everything runs smooth as silk now witch is fantastic ...and frustrating at the same time because a did that screenshots in three different days and on two different files, with different brushes. [edit] Here's the video and another screenshot. In the video you see me sampling colours and brushing randomly (take a look at the history panel too)
  3. hey! thank you mates Brian u are right. I once did an extremely complex drawing using only the QuarkXPress polygonal boxes... and I broke the printer Actually AfPhoto is the tool I use the most (on daily basis) at work and in my spare time. iPad Pro + apple pencil totally blown me away. I did almost every image in this post (the first one and the last six) drawing from the couch. And I love that. [edit] I finally found my last post in this thread... was three years ago and I used THE SAME TITLE here
  4. Hi there guys ! it's been a while since my last post in this thread . I'm always around here reading, watching you and submitting some bugs. Here's a bunch of things I did in the last few months with Affinity Photo, mostly with iPadpro. There are some sketch, movie frame study, some illustration...
  5. Ipad pro - ios 12 AfPhoto This is something pretty old and annoying: you know, sometimes the software leave a huge mark (instead of the brushtroke expected) with the shape and the size of the brush tip. I’ve noticed something weird about that bug that maybe can help the devs. Performing the undo after the bug i’ve noticed that I must repeat three or four times the action to completely restore the normal situation so I checked the history panel and this is what i found. Everytime the bug appears there are three, four or five actions regsitered in the same second (it
  6. I'll bump all the thread about that because it's not just an improvement: it's a game changer. We need a faster color picker.
  7. I'm hopping in the bandwagon bumping up the thread. We desperately need a persistent color picker. Also
  8. Hey Gregory, happy to see you solved your issues I must say, I never blend with smudge tools in my work, I like to blend in a more traditional way, but knowing the tools is part of the fun Yeah i think ur right, I remember the splash screen with that golden frame and the brush and palette floating in the sky ...1992, wow!
  9. I don’t understand what you really mean ‘cause I find the smudge tools pretty good. I was a photoshop user since 2.5 (!!) and I know what you mean about failing . Looking at your pics I see you are tryin to smudge two big areas with a little brush. in your procreate pic u use a bigger smudge tool, that’s the only difference I see. I mean, ther’s no ‘default smudge’ in both apps, you need tho choose the right brush to smudge, everytime. If you want a very soft smudged area u need a very large and soft brush. take a look at my screen: 1. and .2 Two brushstrokes and a large
  10. Ipad pro 12’9 -ios 11.4.1 Affinity Photo This is a bug that happens in current release AND in closed beta Using the colour slider panel (from the bottom toolbar) tapping on it with a pencil, sometimes (very often) the cursor become unresponsive. When I tap in a precise spot on the slider, the cursor suddenly go back in the original position and the measurement window pop up. Tapping again on the colour slider will close the panel here’s a video Upadate (second video) It’s worst than this tapping again in the panel after the the first miss, the ap
  11. I know, it's already discussed and improved someway but it's crucial to solve the issues of this tool for the digital paint scenario. Actually every solution to pick a color on iPad is slow, strange, unprecise and not good at all. To be clear, quickly color picking during a painting session it's absolutely the most frequent thing we do. I mean, thousand and thousand of times! Load a random digital painting video on youtube and you can count how many times you see that gray circle: that's color picking. Actual situation: - the current version (with long press with pe
  12. I totally agree. Actually every solution to pick a color is slow, strange, unprecise and not good at all. Picking with finger it's almost impossible because you need to 'aim', without viewing (because the finger itself) and dragging over and searching the zone... The only way to use the picker in a proper way its via the on-screen button in the bottom bar ...but it's nested at the third level and you cannot go back and forth between brush settings and picker. We (painters) need a quick on screen shortcut to activate the color picker AND picking with the pencil, please. Maybe
  13. Well, almost every brush in the default set
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