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  1. I have had quite a difficulty trying to feather edges on an image after I have erased the background. The selection tool works in selecting the layer and the items I want selected do get selected with the dotted lines but when I try to feather them that tool does not do much to improve the edges. Even smoothing does little to help. It is very difficult to control as well.. Maybe something can be done to improve feathering. Maybe take the feathering tool and make it as a slider on top of the interface and get it out of a buried menu. But most importantly it must work. I end up having to go back to photoshop to do the job and I don't want to have to do that. It would be great to stay in Affinity... Thanks!
  2. Hi I have been experiencing something that I am not quite sure why it is the case. When I have a layer selected and when I want to make an adjustment/change say brighten it, the entire image changes instead of just the layer. How do I do this so only the layer itself changes? If I have a png layer image that has opacity on some areas if I make changes on that image shouldn't it change that image only? Thanks in advance!
  3. You sure have talent.. Indeed.. Good job!
  4. Hi, I realize the cropping tool can crop an entire document but what if say I want to crop an individual photo from within a document as a layer? There appears to be no way of doing this in AP. Is this something that was overlooked possibly? Thanks!
  5. I used the selection brush tool.. Well the selection is not the problem it's how it actually does the refining.. The process does not do very well. Notice the pics I put up you can see the differences... I watched the videos on the subject.. I think its a flaw in the program..
  6. Hi I am using windows AP I find when using the selection tool to take an object out of a photo I find the refinement tool does not do a very good job. For example the smoothness does not work very well.. It leaves jagged edges. I tried everything to smooth the edges and it still looks bad. I tried the same thing in photoshop and it is like night and day. Love your program I hope you can fix this part of the program. It will make making cutouts much better then I would not have to use photoshop to do this task.. Thanks! Photoshop cutout : Affinity cutout: Not sure you can see the differences in the pictures uploaded.. :-)
  7. Thanks I got it into a new category I just need to make it so it opens a a actual template to original scale.. Say like a youtube background template.. I want it to be able to be the actual size so the work I do will actual fit when uploaded.. Just mentioning the YT background for example.. But I do appreciate being able to save a shape.. That helps too.. :)
  8. Thanks so much for these.. :)
  9. Thank you so much for these. :)
  10. Thanks for this and all the work it took to make it. :-)
  11. But can we save the custom ones we make? So they show up in the list? Thanks for your response.
  12. Hi I am Ed, I have been using Xara Designer Pro 11 for a while and still use it.. But when I saw Affinity Designer and Photo for such a good price I figured I would give it a chance. I am very glad I did. Such a great program.. Finally a program to stick with.. :-) Learn it and learn it well, I say.. I like a company that sticks with it's product and makes it the best they can.. I hope Serif does this.. Some companies dribble the program out so you have to keep purchasing updates in order to get a good program.. I hope Serif is not like that. If so I will keep with them and only buy when I really see something different in the future that I actually need. Ed :-)
  13. Hi I was hoping you could add templates in both Designer and Photo. What I mean is various different project sizes like dvd covers, web pages, I have also designer Pro by Xara and they have various different templates they help out alot when starting projects. it would be a great addition to your great software. Even if say you do not make templates for us can you add a spot when making new projects where we can add our own templates and open the project from there? Thanks! Dave
  14. Really nice good work.. It is tough getting such little things focused.. But you did great!
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