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  1. I just can't use the paint brush. I drag my brush and it just leaves a very light colure. I have Windows.
  2. Yes, it is PlusX8. I don't use it anymore as I have completely migrated to Affinity. Affinity and I are getting along very well. There're is still much to learn. One of the learning tools is the Affinity Photo work book which I recently purchased. It has given excellent description on the tools and how they work. Affinity is a great photo studio with a deep learning curve. It has great potentials for the photographer artist or the ever day photographer who just likes to improve his photos. Although, I never will master the full potentials of Affinity, I'll know that It's there and I can advance to new heights of photography. The photo book as well as the great videos offered can propel me to these heights if choose to do so. Maurice
  3. I like this decryption of RAW files. I never use raw files but they've always been a mystery to me. I have done lots of darkroom stuff...dose this reveal my age? With your description, I now can understand what it is. Maybe, I'll try it. Thank you for clearing up mystery.
  4. I got the Affinity book for Windows. Their is a lot of information in it. It tells me about a lot of tools that I had no idea what they were about. There is so much that can be done with Affinity if you have a good imagination and are creative. At my age, Affinity can do more then I'll ever need. It dose meet my needs and I have gone beyond what I have been doing. Hopefully, with this book, It help me beyond what I do now. This book is a great learning tool. Now I would love to master Affinity fore IPad. But, the small IPad is too small. I do have Affinity for IPad but I have difficulty using it. If I had the 10 inch IPad, maybe I could master it.
  5. Thank you but the tool can get in the way. I have fooled around with it and I do see it as a good thing. I like Affinity for IPad and I would like to learn it. I did get it for my IPad but it's hard to use as everything is too small. It is perfect for IPad 10". I need to learn more about Affinity for Windows before I (if) can work on it enough to be comfortable working with it. It would be perfect for working with it on my lap. I need to better correlate better between my Window computer and Apple. All of my photo are on my Window computer. Maurice Tremblay
  6. I have the latest Windows Affinity update installed. When I use the Erase Brush Tool, a small "worm" appears. It's useful for some things but it can be a nascence. I find it annoying when I use it to erase small things. It gets in the way. Can this thing be removed for certain jobs? It dose not show on the background erase tool. Should it be there? Thank you
  7. This is good to know. Sometimes looking at another program can be confusing. Maybe that is the reason I can't use my clone brush. Thank You.
  8. Is there a eay to convert a background into a layer? I can do it on Photo Plusx8 but I can't see anything on it in Affinity.
  9. I got the brush to work on quick mask. Now I need to do clones like the one on the video.
  10. I got my paint brush to paint on my picture and on layers but I still can't make the brush work with quick mask. I'm also having trouble with moving thing with the clone brush. I will work on it a bit more and if I fail, I will send a picture of my settings. You've done a great job with the videos and I'm enjoying them but my lack of experience make it difficult for me to follow them. Affinity is a great app. but it has a deep learning curve. So far it has been doing what I want it to do. The videos make me want to go beyond what I have been doing. I will not abandon Affinity. When I meet a pro. photographer I always ask them to try Affinity.
  11. Now I can't get my paint brush to paint.
  12. Now I know where it went. There are so many ways to hide things in Affinity. Thank you very much. I spent two years in Germany many years ago. I liked my stay.
  13. How do I get the bars in the picture back? They disappeared on me. I can't find where they went. Maurice Tremblay
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