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    Brush Delay on 12.9 iPad Pro (1st Gen)

    I just can't use the paint brush. I drag my brush and it just leaves a very light colure. I have Windows.
  2. Yes, it is PlusX8. I don't use it anymore as I have completely migrated to Affinity. Affinity and I are getting along very well. There're is still much to learn. One of the learning tools is the Affinity Photo work book which I recently purchased. It has given excellent description on the tools and how they work. Affinity is a great photo studio with a deep learning curve. It has great potentials for the photographer artist or the ever day photographer who just likes to improve his photos. Although, I never will master the full potentials of Affinity, I'll know that It's there and I can advance to new heights of photography. The photo book as well as the great videos offered can propel me to these heights if choose to do so. Maurice
  3. I like this decryption of RAW files. I never use raw files but they've always been a mystery to me. I have done lots of darkroom stuff...dose this reveal my age? With your description, I now can understand what it is. Maybe, I'll try it. Thank you for clearing up mystery.
  4. Is there a eay to convert a background into a layer? I can do it on Photo Plusx8 but I can't see anything on it in Affinity.
  5. This is good to know. Sometimes looking at another program can be confusing. Maybe that is the reason I can't use my clone brush. Thank You.
  6. How do I get the bars in the picture back? They disappeared on me. I can't find where they went. Maurice Tremblay
  7. I got the brush to work on quick mask. Now I need to do clones like the one on the video.
  8. I got my paint brush to paint on my picture and on layers but I still can't make the brush work with quick mask. I'm also having trouble with moving thing with the clone brush. I will work on it a bit more and if I fail, I will send a picture of my settings. You've done a great job with the videos and I'm enjoying them but my lack of experience make it difficult for me to follow them. Affinity is a great app. but it has a deep learning curve. So far it has been doing what I want it to do. The videos make me want to go beyond what I have been doing. I will not abandon Affinity. When I meet a pro. photographer I always ask them to try Affinity.
  9. Now I can't get my paint brush to paint.
  10. Now I know where it went. There are so many ways to hide things in Affinity. Thank you very much. I spent two years in Germany many years ago. I liked my stay.
  11. I found the straightening tool Affinity but it doesn't work as well as in PhotoPlusX8.
  12. True, but I've used the inpainting tool on another program. When I saw what Affinity could do, I thought this was something I wanted. But, there's more to using this inpainting tool than just painting over an object and getting rid of it. I haven't been able to use it. I found it but it doesn't work. Maybe I'm not using it right. I can't find the straitening tool. I was talking about PhotoPlusX8.
  13. I have been using PhotoPlus since it's beginning. I have been upgrading up to PhotoPlus8 witch I thought was the greatest. Now I'm faced with Affinity which is a tremendous challenge. I see many similarities to PhotoPlus8 but lots of the tools and methods are hidden or done in a different way. How do I find them? I can't look at all the tutorial to find a certain tool or methods. One of the tools I use a lot is the straitening tool and the inbrush. Maurice
  14. MTfrog

    Customisability Affinity UI

    I had all of the xxxPlus photo programs. I was very disappointed when I discovered that Photo Plus was discontinued. Serif should add some more of what PP8 had to Affinity. Affinity has a lot going for it but the tools are hard to find. I've been looking for the straighten tool in Affinity but it is hidden. I also liked the crop tool in Photo Plus8. When I work with Affinity, I don't have time to watch tutorials all day. I need something where I can search for a certain thing and find it in print. I want to create and not just look at tutorials. Maurice
  15. Affinity is a great Photo Tool but some of the things PhotoPlus had were also great. I liked the crop tool it had better than the one Affinity has. I used the straighten tool a lot and I can't see it on Affinity. It's probably there somewhere. Maurice.
  16. I love these tutorials. I have Affinity for windows. Will these tutorials also work for my Affinity?
  17. How can I cut out an object from a picture? Photo plus 8 had a photo studio

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