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  1. On 4/25/2021 at 9:17 AM, Andy05 said:

    No, it's not useful at all. Show me how you distort text and export it so I can use it in a workflow for laser cutting or for CNC. Or how you export this as EPS/SVG that way so stockpages will accept it as vector.

    If you need vector, you need vector - not a pixel image in whatsoever high resolution.

    In some scenarios/uses output to high-res bitmap is sufficient and then you can keep the native Affinity file for further editing if needed. It really depends on the use,  I think what you mean it it's no good for your particular use, some people may not have been aware of the Live Perspective tool and may actually find it useful to retain some kind of editability inside Affinity app of sorts.

  2. 7 minutes ago, BofG said:

    I think it's just a misunderstanding, technically it is rasterising the element - you cannot export it as a vector. Behind the scenes it's keeping the original copy which is then re-used for any changes, making it "live".

    OK I see, You can effectively retain editability inside the Afffinity app using the Live Filters, but when you export it will rasterize ...

    So, if your final export format needs to be a scalable vector its a problem. If your highest quality requirement for export format is as a high res bitmap then it's still very useful to retain editability inside the Affinity App if you need to return and edit further...

  3. 24 minutes ago, Mark Freeman said:

    I wish people would verify before posting😡. Right..... I guess if they had that function, they would have included it in designer.

    I have all three apps Publisher, Photo and Designer and I can use the LIVE Perspective tool in Photo and it does NOT rasterize the object.  One you have all three apps you can launch Publisher and the Studio Link feature enables you to switch between Affinity Photo and Designer features from within the one app, so you get the best of both worlds.

    Maybe the person who's calling me a liar is accessing the Perspective tool from the top menu, that will rasterize the object! - However, the LIVE Perspective (note the word LIVE) tool is accessed from the bottom of the Layers panel in Photo and it is non-destructive.

    Once you have all three Affinity apps  you can use the combined features of both Photo and Designer and you can use the live perspective tool on text, shapes and vectors and they are NOT rasterized .....

    The person who thinks they know better, is actually the person who doesn't know what they are talking about here....

    ....and yes it's strange that they put a non-destructive perspective tool in a photo editor and did not include it in Designer ....

    Here's how you access live filters In Photo:


  4. 30 minutes ago, Mark Freeman said:

    I think most people here are looking for vector transform. It is a useful feature for raster though 👌🏻

    The live perspective tool in Affinity Photo is non-destructive. Text, vectors and shapes and their properties are still editable after applying it - access it from the liver filters icon at the bottom of the layers panel in Affinity Photo.

  5. 21 hours ago, zer0aster said:

    How frustrating is this? I would consider a free-transform tool a basic tool. One should be able to distort things easily and it should be in Designer first, as the vector app. And it seems this question was asked in 2018, so time would not seem to be a valid excuse. Neither should the idea that Affinity isn't a replacement for Adobe. It is!

    I don't see how apps that don't have non destructive free transform, perspective and warp tools can replace Adobe .. When I first came across Designer I got excited as it was the nearest thing I'd seen to Adobe Fireworks, however the lack of non destructive free transform tools is a real problem and we've been waiting a looong time without a peep from the people at Affinity....

  6. 8 hours ago, DJ_Jaybee said:

    We have no idea of whether these essential functions are on the road map and that is the frustrating part. I'm happy if bug fixes and smaller features are implemented in .x.x numbers as free updates and there if there is an upgrade price for the main version number 2.0 update - we expect would introduce substantial features and functionality improvements.

    If it's this model that is holding it up, then if there is an interim update charge to implement some of the these essential missing functions - if it's reasonably priced, people would pay to for these and also keep the project moving...

    If we could see the proposed features on the road map and vote, then at least we would know what's on the to-do list - and get and get feedback on what is considered important to address next in line.

    I agree and the silence is puzzling and makes me suspicious

  7. 10 minutes ago, Andy05 said:

    That's the point. Affinity's apps are not meant to be a full replacement for Adobe's products. There's only a fraction of adobe's customers which Serif is aiming at. 

    That said, this doesn't excuse the missing of some essential functions (partially established for decades in comparable programs) in their apps at all. Like a free transform tool or vector brushes for a vector program!

    You still need the fundamentals and basic transform tools be be found other non-Adobe products available right now, so IMO that is a very lame excuse ...  I think Affinity have spread their resources to thin and dropped the ball on this one, iPad versions and the introduction of Publisher have meant that Designer has been neglected.

  8. 1 minute ago, Boldlinedesign said:

    @MCFC_4Heatons - the developer said he will be porting it over to windows after he releases the final release candidate for mac. I have no idea what his time frame will be for that.
    I'm REALLY hoping warp and the like are a part of this 1.9 update....

    It was a bit of joke really if you see some of the comments to another post about a Windows only tool 😁 I'll deffo take a look if they come up with a windows version

  9. There's still a window of opportunity for Affinity here .... A hell of a lot of people still use Adobe Fireworks and are extremely disgruntled with Adobe, especially those on Mac who upgrade to Mojave and find out Fireworks will no longer work.... Non-destructive perspective, Free Transform  and some core warp tools like arch, arc, fisheye would seal the deal IMO. Workflow and learning curve in Illustrator and Photoshop are steep, clumsy and don't lend themselves well to long term users of an intuitive tool like Fireworks ..... Add these tools to Designer and Adobe could be dropped completely then and hello Affinity all the way :)

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