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  1. I use a lot % zoom because I do often screenshot and I like to have same scale for everyones. In AD, it's a bit painful because we need to select the hand tool. In AI, % zoom is always displayed and easy to change. It would be great that AD displays permanently zoom %.
  2. Dimension tool is not a priority (but I would be happy to have this tool…). We really need things impossible to do actually with actual tools. Can you deform easily an object or text ? Impossible Can you blend two different shapes in a gradient ? Impossible Can you create vector patterns ? Impossible Can you transform a pixel picture in vectors ? Impossible Can you add dimensions ? Yes. I know that it's a bit painful but you can. And it's more easy now with the End & Start options.
  3. Contour option is easy to do now with the new Offset tool + FX blur. I didn't know the AI free form gradient (I still use AI CS4…) and I confess it's great ! Sometimes I've used the mesh tool but only for basic things, never convinced by this tool. contour gradient.afdesign
  4. Corner changes when you zoom. Known issue. OK
  5. I've often the same problem : values are different between Appearance panel and General thickness. I don't trust in the Appearance panel, its behavior seems erratic. But for specific dotted lines, we can't do without it.
  6. Seems like paintings of Albert Marquet. One of my favorite painter.
  7. VectorStyler can also convert picture in vectors. Only for mac. Free (until … ?). The perfect companion of Designer.
  8. Thanks a lot. I really don't like AP. I spend my time looking for simple operations.
  9. I have a problem with C4D and Corona Render. Corona Render creates a black & white layer for alpha. It's not an alpha channel, it's a black & white layer. How can I transform this layer in a channel or in a mask ?
  10. I've never used Export Persona… After trying, for me, it's not the solution.
  11. Affinity has 3 softwares in development mac/pc when VS has a single software for mac, it's more easy.
  12. Often, I copy/paste from email what want my customers in AD documents. And often, when I export my work, I forget to hide the text because it's on the corner of the artboard… An option "no printing" and/or "no exporting" would be great
  13. I'm jealous of VectorStyler. So many tools I would like to see in AD… AD would marry with VectorStyler.
  14. I wanted to use some contents but there were no thumbnails, only the names. Closing the menu re-opening and crash… Now it's ok but AD 1.9 updates Contents more slower than previous releases. I can see first the names and after a little time the thumbnails.
  15. Hi, In previous releases, selecting a object inside a group was : - click on the object > all the group is selected - double-click on the object > the object is selected In, if I select a object inside a group, this object is already selected. The step before is removed. Is there a way to get the previous behaviour ? I've looked for in preferences but nothing.
  16. When I make screenshots, I like when it's the same size. Before 1.83 (I don't know but it was working with 1.7), with the hand tool, I was able to know percentage of zoom or enter the desired value. Now, the values stay the same when I zoom in or out.
  17. Arc & Spiral (print screen from Cinema4D) Arc : - draw a circle - make editable - (add points) - open shape - remove unwanted points Spiral : - launch Inkskape - draw a spiral - export in SVG - open and copy/paste in AD
  18. I've the same. The little hand doesn't want disappear. Hello guy, I'm the little hand ! You can't destroy me ! Ok… Restart and it works again normally.
  19. Copy/paste attributes is the best way for doing mistakes… Each time, fx and thickness values are never the same and I don't no why.
  20. Do you plan vector patterns ? I work with picture patterns (pixels) but it's not the perfect workflow. I would be able to work only with vectors to be more accurate.
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