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  1. Thank you. I was trying to save some work in the years ahead. CM
  2. Will Affinity Publisher be able to open InDesign documents?
  3. Lee, thanks for your advice. I solved the problem (or better, I stumbled on a solution) by reinstalling the Nik Collection on my Adobe Photoshop! LOL
  4. Hi. The Nik Collection was not functioning in my copy of AF Photo 1.6 for Mac. So I uninstalled the Nik Collection thinking I could simply reinstall it. I did this , but AF Photo will only open the welcome page and then it crashes. Please advise. CMM
  5. Thank you for including the Glyph Browser in AD 1.6. For the poster work I do, having glyph alternates and variations is important.
  6. smadell, The Robert Burns quote should read, "Gang aft agley."
  7. Hi. I would like to see two things in Affinity Designer. One is a "Glyphs" panel. Two is optical kerning. THanks.
  8. Hi. I would like to see the eyedropper tool expanded beyond transferring only color, to transferring formatting as in Adobe InDesign, et al.
  9. Hi. I would like AD to have the ability to kern optically, a la Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This tool makes average looking type transform into beautiful word forms.