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  1. Gomke


    I used de library from LibreOffice and it works for Dutch!
  2. I completely agree with this. Perhaps it would be handy that gray palette is built up from pure black. 100% K
  3. Gomke


    I have an affinity publisher on the MAC and would like my system standard on Dutch. I understand that the application is not yet in Dutch, but I still want the rest in Dutch. If I set the preferences to Dutch without having opened a document, I should be able to determine the default settings, right? With me, everything is back in English after restart
  4. After exporting to a PDF in Publisher I get a weird area at the place of the shadow. If I use the PDF function from Apple, it is not in it. But then the page format is no longer correct. (Affinity Publisher MAC 10.14.4) 220.Adv80x120zwApple.pdf 220.Adv80x120zw.pdf