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  1. I'm sure this is going to be a simple answer that I have just not been able to find for myself but I'm tearing my hair (what little there is left) out over this. How do I create custom document types and page presets that I can pick from the new document dialogue in Designer? I have never picked one of the builtin types, they are just not sizes I ever need to use but there are a couple of dozen other sizes I use a lot that I am forever having to look up the settings for as I switch between them. Blog featured image, facebook cover picture, icon, forum avatar, that sort of thing. I'd like to save them in their own document type, with their own page presets, I just can't find where I can add them.
  2. It looks fine in Quicklook, it looks fine 'almost' everywhere. The only place it looks wrong in in an open source app that I am developing a theme for. They are using an open source api called nanosvg which seems to not support percentages. The scary thing is how popular this api is! It even has interfaces for GoogleGo, Python, Javascript, C# etc. all based off the same guys code. I thought about going the pull request route and fixing his code but there is no telling how many projects won't update. Maybe I'll do that too! In the mean time only expensive apps by evil megacorps are outputting svg files that this thing can work with. P.S. Looking forward to the day you guys support Bevel & Emboss, Gaussian Blur, Noise and other effects in SVG export without rasterisation :D
  3. I guess I'll just get back to drawing while I wait for a response from someone from Serif then!
  4. That would work for all the logos I'm designing but some stuff has much more complicated gradients, like this. That would be a pain to do all the math on the percentages! How do I file a bug report or enhancement request? Just a tick box next to "Use relative coordinates" labeled "Use decimals over percentages" would do, although why use percentages at all (other than human readability) if all the other professional level software uses decimals is a good question to ask!
  5. Thanks! That also loads fine in the theme and also uses numeric notation instead of percentages <stop offset="0" style="stop-color:#D86E30"/> <stop offset="1" style="stop-color:#C84410"/>
  6. Progress! If I edit one of the non working files in a text editor and change the linear gradient definition stop offsets from "0%" and "100%" to "0" and "1", the gradient displays correctly when I use it in my theme! Is there an option to turn the percentages into proportions of a whole?
  7. The Inkscape one looks just like the affinity one before I removed the viewport; squashed and white. The XDP one looks fine, just like the end results of affinity->eps->cloudconvert->svg If anyone would like to chip in an Illustrator export to svg for comparison that would be interesting. Every one of the files I've generated doing this (and the two you have created for me) all look fine to me on the mac in quickview, safari and chrome. Sorry this took so long, the application is running on a different machine to the mac I'm running affinity on, a linux one, and the process of getting it into place to test is tortuous at best.
  8. Unchecking set viewport makes the graphic the right size, even though the eps->svg one has a viewport set. That's half the problem solved! The gradient layer still isn't being drawn though. I've tried flattening the transforms, I've even tried editing the svg in a text editor and tried changing the name of the linear gradient, moving the gradient definition to before the path that uses it and even copying the gradient from the working eps->svg one to the non-working one (and updating the name in the style). Still nothing. I'm at the limit of my knowledge of svg files at this point.
  9. Complicated with a bunch of attachments, sorry about that! I drew an orange Playstation Logo, I've attached it below. psx.afdesign Exporting to SVG (just the group, without background) gives me this SVG file psx.svg Which looks OK in Quicklook but when embedded into the theme I'm designing, looks like this... Exporting the same logo, but this time to EPS (just the group, no background), gives me this file. psx.eps Which if I then go to an online convert website (I tried online-convert and cloudconvert) and convert from EPS to SVG I get this file. logo.svg Which looks OK in Quicklook and also, looks like this in the theme... I'm doing this for 4 images for 82 systems, is there any way I can avoid uploading 336 eps files one at a time to online-convert, waiting for it to convert and downloading it again? It's really killing my workflow!
  10. My first vector work and my first time using Affinity Designer, some 1980's and 1990's computers for a project I'm working on.
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