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  1. MichaelK

    [By Design] Where's noise?

    I agree, mailarz. The switching is annoying. Both sliders should be there.
  2. Anything new about this? Original post was from 2014! When will hatchfills finally come?
  3. I used a white PNG, 12 x 6 px to create a custom brush, but I don't get a clear / sharp brush, but a blurry one instead. Also the ratio changes by changing the brush size. Where is my fault? AP 1.5.1 Mac
  4. With the expressions, how can I make a macro to achieve this? I tried all combinations of expressions to no avail.
  5. Hi Stephen, you could try Artboard from Mapdiva. It has a Style inspector, where you can create hatchfills or crosshatches. From Artboard you can copy and paste into AD, but you'll have to adjust stroke width and grouping. Would be great to see hatch fills as a native AD function.
  6. How can this be done? I can center the text horizontally. Would also be great to be able to write text in an object like in Apples „Pages“.