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  1. superwukong

    this my work

    thx you so much
  2. superwukong

    this my work

    https://dribbble.com/Seven_leo this is my dribbble ,,,Want to communicate with you
  3. superwukong

    this my work

    just saw your work.,,so wonderful
  4. superwukong

    this my work

    this my work
  5. 为什么投影没有曲线衰减, 为什么给图形输入RGB值后 按回车无效,一定要调节一下噪点才能有效。虽然这款软件集矢量和像素为一身,但是交互上有很多硬伤,我很喜欢这款软件,希望能尽快修复各种bug。 —— UI designer from china

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