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  1. Two main reasons (of many others) my friend ( For me and only me, ok!!! ). First: AD if far more intuitive and easy to work then CD. I can do things two or three times easier and faster in AD/AP. Second: CD is US$705,00 (Full License) or U$265,00 (12 Months Plan)...
  2. Hi everybody!!! Well...Here in Brazil, as far as I know, CorelDRAW has a lot more users then Illustrator. Every single designer, print house, graphic worker use CorelDRAW. They can use Illustrator, InDesign, Xara, QuarkXpress, Sketch, you name it, but all they will use CorelDRAW also. I'm CorelDRAW user since version 10 (I think the year was 2000/2001...) and I'm migrating all my old jobs to AD. And the new ones I'm using only AD instead. But that's a long road to AD on this Brazilian market... migrating from one software to another (to work professionally) is not an easy decision and making. The learning curve is only one of the problems. PDF exchange can solve most of the problems, but not all. So, just to think, if I could open all my .CDR and start working from that...professionally...it would be nice. Really nice. I made my decision and I will drop all software I used to work with (until the license permits) and I'll use only AD and AF from now. but it's me... But for most of people that use CorelDRAW, if they could open and work on their files natively, will be mutch more appealling.
  3. God is. Good. Always.

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