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  1. Hi guys, I have a problem with pdf file import. When opened inside the Affinity Designer the text gets messed up. :/ Check out the attached files: p01.pdf p01.pdf
  2. Hello, this is something that doesn't work properly in current release and in the newest Beta. Here's steps how to recreate the bug: 1. Create 2 new symbols (let it be rectangle and circle). 2. Group your two symbols and create a new symbol lets call it Compound. This will make a new symbol with 2 symbols inside. 3. Drop another square (or circle) inside your Compund symbol. The Compound doesn't update. Bonus bug [Beta]: Delete just ONE square symbol inside the Compound. The second symbol also disappears... I am working on creating a card deck in Affinity Designer, I am heavily using symbols, but they are so buggy in current version and the beta symbol_bug.afdesign Edit1 [Stable version]: So I am trying to finish my deck of cards and Artboards + Symbols are so buggy. OMFG my work gets destroyed (symbols disappeared) because I copied somewhere other symbol and moved. Or the symbols are moving around and resizing randomly. Just wtf. That's crazy.
  3. Yes, we intended to print that in size of 3m x 4m. I already finished this baner (it's way different currently), but this is a problem which comebacks every time I want to use AD with large projects. So I wanted to report this as a bug and maybe find some solution to improve AD performance. Can this be connected with Hard Drive speed? My drive is only 5400rpm. Other hardware specs are good. I am from Poland and people here mostly use Corel Draw for this kind of work. I am not a fan of Corel Draw, but if I'll have to I'll switch to the CD. I rasterized only images. Not every object. :) Do You think that Serif team is aware of this nad working on solution?
  4. Hello Chris, I deleted the embedded doc and saved file, but it didn't helped at all. :( I think that AD wasn't meant to be used with large files. :/ Also the effects panel is missing different units (like cm and mm) the chosen document units should be used not px if I am working with cm. After rasterizing all images the project file size was 1,9GB... Btw original file size is 400MB, but the images used inside of it doesn't exceed 45MB :/
  5. I have problem with large files in Affinity Designer. It seems like every 30-60 sec affinity autosaves project or something like that. I tried to record the behavior. You can check it here: https://www.screencast.com/t/PkeO20zj0 Check: 0:08; 0:43; 1:26; 2:30; Also I attach the project file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwXi6aSo3BSOZHN5aHhPVU0yR2c/view?usp=sharing This seems to happen only with large projects. This project has 400cmx300cm (150dpi). My autosave is set to 400sec. What can I do to tune up the Designer performance because I can't work normally?
  6. Your again right. I was viewing it in Edge browser :p Thank You. eot
  7. Ohhhh, ok. How the hell I missed this. Sorry and check out my next topic. :) eot
  8. Hello, I have a problem with pdf's. I have a really large file in AD 600cm x 300cm and I am trying to export it to pdf (96dpi). The pdf is blank white. Is this a problem with jpg px range of 30k x 30k (more or less)? Maybe the Affinity Designer should cut this in pieces and then put it in pdf. Also I don't want to start new subject. But with such large files the Designer performance goes down... Does AD is supposed to work with such large files? I wanted to replace Corel Draw with AD. There's also different issue. If I have a document of 600cm x 300cm size the shadow effect size in pixels is pain in the ass. At least it should have document units or possibility to write desired units. Probably this concerns also other effects. I'll report more bugs as I stumble upon them. ;) Thomas BTW. Where should I post my wish list? Like easier workspace resizing to just existing objects? Or perspective effect for vectors (this one I did write somewhere - I need it for my fancy text)? Or why new layer always appears on the top instead over last selected layer (if You have large amount of layers this can be tiring to have to move all that layers)? bugs-killem with fire.afdesign
  9. Hello, I have a problem with shadow of object not respecting the layers order. Please check out the attached file. bugs-killem with fire.afdesign
  10. Hello, there's a bug with slices names. If the name is longer then the field view and You try to edit it, then You can't see the ending of the name therefore editing of name is complicated. Testing scenario: 1. Go to Export Persona 2. Put a slice and name it with really long title 3. Try to see and edit the ending of title
  11. I have same problem. But it's weird when I went to Keyboard shortcuts settings it was set to Ctrl + Alt + L and Ctrl + Alt + C, but Affinity seems to intercept just Alt + L and Alt + C. Probably bug?
  12. Thanks Lee D for fast answer. Having added simple watermark is no problem for me right now, but I would like a watermark which displays current filename. If I change filename the watermark changes also and I don't have to remember about it - this would be great. Maybe we should add it to the "Feature Requests" section of forum? :)
  13. Hello, I am looking for fast watermarking the exported image by current filename (taken automatically by affinity?). Is this possible in Affinity Designer?
  14. Hello, I bought Affinity Photo and just after buying it I did send an Invoice request. It was on Friday 2016.12.16. Today we have 21 December and I didn't receive any response to my email. This really takes a long time. :( I had almost same experience with the Invoice for Affinity Designer. My order number: A05WR2PTBY Guys, seriously - this is taking too long. :( Sincerely, Thomas
  15. Yes, I did search for this, but I haven't found any clues about this. :) Awesome - I am asking for it. :) Thanks for info.
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