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  1. Thanks Alfred I understand this is how other apps like Photoshop work, but Affinity Photo is better than just another Photoshop. I just think it would be handy as a switchable view option like we have in Designer. There is a lot of wasted real estate on screen, especially when working on a portrait design, that would be useful for reference materials.
  2. It would be very handy to be able to place items on the pasteboard when working on photo comps. I often create palates and swatches to draw from. Also nice to have an image for reference sitting next to work space.
  3. Nice idea. Corel Draw also has this handy feature which in addition to hiding everything, also resizes your design to fit and align for optimum viewing. Would be great to have this.
  4. Hi Guys Files I made in .57 crash AP .58 when I try to open them. Is this something to be expected due to all of the new changes?
  5. The ability to lock the arrangement of mater pages would be a time saver. To be able to lock them as always top layer or always bottom layer.
  6. Is there or will there be an option to name pages in the pages layout tab. This is a feature we use a lot in PagePlus.
  7. Yes we sure need this feature. Especially when you need to pull one page from a 100 page PDF.
  8. The round-trip editing between Affinity Designer and Photo are flawless and a pleasure to use. I'm sure after the 1.7 update this will also be the case in Publisher.
  9. When I paste a PNG from AP the transparency tool will not work on it. It is also blank on the transparency type options. I have tried applying rasterize but it made no difference.
  10. It would be great to have the switchable Auto Hide/Collapse feature for studio tabs. The way this is implemented in the Serif range is perfect. The studio tabs (especially Page/Assets) seem very large and take up a lot of real estate on the work area. So the Auto Hide would be perfect.
  11. Bleed is handled perfectly in PagePlus X9. Would be great if we could have it like that.
  12. Yes this would be very helpful. It is a much loved and used feature in PagePlus.
  13. Transparency Bitmaps are a super useful feature from the Serif Plus range. These can be used to make rough edges and weathered textures in a single click. A job like this takes seconds to create.
  14. Another vote for 'Startup Assistant ' having a visual reference to recent files is very handy. This was implemented perfectly in PagePlus.
  15. I think we are going to have to use the PDF export/import feature for a while for this. PagePlus and DrawPlus have so many more features than AP and AD it would be very difficult to open the native files.
  16. Another here for data merge. We use it all the time in PagePlus.
  17. We could really benefit from a smart fill tool. Like the 'Flood Tool' in Serif DrawPlus. This is a very useful tool and features in many vector apps.
  18. I know this is a question and not a bug, but I could only find a questions section for iPads. When editing nodes where is this control (attached)? Edit: Found the answer Alt+Drag node.
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