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  1. I agree, I like the color wheel much better than the Apple color picker. The wheel has a few minor problems, but seems so much more versatile. If you have the screen space the AD color chooser is really my choice. When displaying the color wheel it is larger making it easier to use and does away with some of the problems of the smaller version. It allows input of RGB (hex and decimal), HSL, and CMYK! It also has several other modes of display and operation like RGB, HSL and CMYK sliders, hue, lightness and saturation. These screens all allow the data input. But they also allow crossovers to other color characteristics. Like the saturation slider allows a hue and lightness change also. The hue screen allows extreme control of the hue and throws in saturation and lightness. It's by far my favorite color selector in any program. Whichever of the designers came up with this screen deserves a lot of attaboys (and more) in my opinion! :D AD seems to want to keep this screen a secret, but in my opinion they should be shouting from the rooftops about it. <_<
  2. MEB FYI after loading the beta I had to uncheck Show Text in points then recheck it to get it to stop showing text sizes in inches. I don't know if others are seeing this.
  3. Wow I think this is the best update so far since initial release. Great job team!!! The text on a path seems to work great and will be fun to use. Lot's of control. Matt's corner tool is going to take some time to master. I've never used anything like it before. The basic operation is fine but... If I turn a rectangle's corner into a rounded corner I can't do any more to it. Is that because it doesn't really have corners after that? On an ellipse it looks like it's trying to do something but nothing happens. Can't wait to see some instructions. Oops I crashed it after a couple dozen plays with the corner tool. Report sent. I had sure missed not being able to change opacity by typing a number. This is great. Just yesterday I was thinking it would be great if this were added. Fantastic job AD team. Thank you all.
  4. I totally agree. Also if zoomed in we should be still able to drag a guide out of the ruler. And if the Guide Manager is used to add guides the new guide should be placed in the area viewed on screen. Not in the center of the drawing.
  5. Psiaku, go to View -> Customize Tools... at the bottom change Number of columns to 2. Then Close. The columns has to be at least 2 to have the width for the icon.
  6. I thought the development team just lived in their office. :D
  7. MEB, when I press Close Curve I get my O back instead of a C. I even turned the end nodes until they almost touched and they still jumped the long distance to where they were when I broke the curve. I tried selecting the curves and I tried selecting all nodes in both curves. No difference, still O's. I then tried to snap the end nodes from both curves together. Pressed Close Curve and it still completed the O just very misshapen. The inside curve tried to heal and the outside curve tried to heal.
  8. Fill for open paths, wow. I don't see how the software could figure out where it would go. It must remember where it was from. I'll try what you suggest. Because the two objects are from an Expand Stroke they are both in the same layer and when one is selected the other is automatically selected. Or, do you mean select all nodes in both curves? I didn't try selecting all nodes, just the two that overlap. Thanks for the help MEB.
  9. I've seen lots of topics on Breaking curves and Joining curves and I am still having trouble. I have an elongated rounded corner rectangle. I'm trying to turn it into an elongated C. I did an Expand Stroke. Then I selected a node on the outside curve, hit Break Curve. Then selected a node on the inside curve and hit Break Curve. I can now move a node so that they look to be separate, no path between the nodes. But the fill still continues between the broken nodes. Then I try to do a join and they will not join. I used the snap to get one node from the outside curve to align right over the node from the inside curve, select them both by holding shift and drawing a box around the two nodes, hit join curves. And sure enough they are still separate. I suspect the join just isn't going to work seeing as the fill continues along that they aren't truly broken. I would guess that I couldn't have fill if I had two truly open curves. Has anyone any ideas? Has anyone tried breaking a shape following an Expand Stroke?
  10. A_B_C Sounds good I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Argyle, I have had the same problem and have never figured why scrolling works sometimes and doesn't others. I thought it was just me. I usually have to click on each one. When the scrolling worked it was really nice. Tried it in the new beta that just came out and the scrolling didn't work.
  12. I have a shape with a gradient that is many many times longer than it is wide. And a linear gradient. The gradient control goes across the short way. Does anyone know any tricks to adjust the control to get it running parallel? It's not at a 45 degree angle, so shift doesn't constrain it. As short as the control is the smallest movement makes the gradient end swing from too far one way to too far the other. I guess I could rotate the shape until it's at 45 degrees, then use shift to move the gradient control then rotate the entire shape back into position. That seems like quite a hassle. Too bad the Transform panel doesn't control the angle. But with only a 0.1 degree resolution it might not be any better.
  13. When doing operations, please keep the layer name of the bottom layer. Currently all names are lost.
  14. Yea beta seems to have cured this!!!! You rock!!!
  15. It worked! When I did a place it worked. Usually I either start with opening an image (using open with) or dragging the image from another AD window (which was opened with an open with). Both of these create layers but no Replace Image. So it works for an image layer, but not a pixel layer. I always use the "open with" for 2 reasons, I get it opened with the AD beta (instead of AD MAS or PS) and it opens in a document the size of the image. And any time it's opened that way it's a pixel layer which doesn't get a Replace Image. Got it. Phew I thought I was going crazy. Thank you MEB and Markus.
  16. FYI I did a control restart with a select all. Still not getting the Studio and then when I do a Reset Studio I still don't see any layers until I switch to a different application and back. beta
  17. MEB I am not sure the distinction between selecting the image versus the layer. In the move tool I drew a box around the pixel layer, no Replace Image button. I've clicked and double clicked in image areas. Still nothing. I've tried clicking the image area with all modifier key combinations. How are you selecting the image not the layer? We are talking about AD not APh right?
  18. In the attached drawing I have clipped two layers together and then the result is laid over a copy the layer that was clipped. There is a very distinct shadow of the bounding box showing where it crosses the lowest layer. How can I get rid of this shadow? The layer that is repeated has a 3D fx on both copies of it. Beta 27" iMac late 2009 Yosemite 10.10.1 The images are from the upper left corner of the AD file attached.
  19. This probably seems insignificant but when I have created a gradient and done several rotations to it. It ends up maybe somewhat vertical. The node that is it at the top, is this the right node in the horizontal gradient panel or the left? Did my rotations result in a CW or CCW rotation? If the change is subtle it's not always possible to tell. I have to do trial and error, usually error, then try to get the color back properly in the other node. The selected node is shown larger, but the larger node is not synchronized between the gradient panel and the gradient tool. Please synchronize these so we can tell which is which.
  20. Paekke, I have this same problem when starting the new beta. Reset the Studio View->Studio->Reset Studio to get the panels to show.
  21. When doing a gradient is there an easy way to get the end two nodes to be exactly the same color? Especially important with a conical or where two gradients touch. Sometimes it's difficult to pick up the exact color from the drawing and the eyedropper doesn't read the color from the gradient panel. If they were central nodes I'd copy the node with the color I wanted then move it to the correct position and delete the unwanted color. Can't delete or move the end nodes. The right node has an additional problem in that it can't be copied. The only way I have found to get them exactly the same is to make note of the RGB (of HSL, CMYK, etc.) color code in one node and copy it in the other. Rather a pain. I wish we could delete/replace the end nodes. Maybe drag a central node over then end node to replace it.
  22. Is there a way to reverse the 3D fx? I need it to be lighter on the edges and darker in the middle. I'm after the effect of looking down into a valley.
  23. That's great. Glad you mentioned it. Every Friday the 13th?
  24. MEB the only button I'm seeing in the new beta context toolbar for move is a Reset Selection Box. I have a pixel image selected. No Replace Image button. What am I doing wrong?
  25. Hey MEB thanks that's handy to know. I hadn't thought of doing that.
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