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  1. @Ben Martin I didn't mention that this does look like a bug and should be entered in the bug reports for AD. Be sure to add the example of the icon to the report.
  2. @JarrettI was doing a project and what I had to have was one path for the entire drawing. Basically as if you couldn't shut off the laser during a move. I made a preset for exporting SVG that solved many of my problems. I don't know if it will help you but you start with the More button at the bottom of the SVG export. Maybe some of the other options will help you.
  3. I had a single crash today, that I couldn't reproduce. But maybe it will mean something to you. I was doing some playing with a shape and I held down the cmd+z to redo all the way back. Somewhere close to being all the way back boom AD was gone. One of the very first things I had done was a document setup changing the DPI from 96 to 192 with a rescale, that was the only thing that was somewhat unusual I did in the session. If you can't find it C'est La Vie. Not a problem. If I had used the navigation panel it probably wouldn't have happened, but I was being lazy and it had only been a couple dozen steps or less. Thanks guys! Crash 3-12-21.txt
  4. @Jarrett, I've never used the Glowforge laser, but when I've done designs for my Shapeoko CNC router, I always try to have just one path for each cut. I have never found any automated way of doing this. Have you checked on the internet to see if there are any optimization sites to do this? I never searched for such, but it's an idea. The few times I've tried to use a program converting jpg to a vector, like Vectorize I found that the vectors were not very clean and were confusing. They required a lot of manual work to clean up. Redrawing it was usually easier once I figured out what my machine needed. I'm assuming the laser can shut itself off to move from one point to another without cutting. Which makes the redrawing fairly easy, usually. But then it does depend on how complex your design is.
  5. @Dandart Not that I know of. When I first bought I was having the problem of moving things I didn't want to, and the only solution I found was to ditch the Magic Mouse.
  6. I know but they have been working really hard this last year, or is it decade?
  7. @Ben Martin Yes some exports, like to jpg and png seem to work. Others like to pdf, svg and eps don't. I've had little experience in having image masks. I have mostly have used vectors for masks and on those few image masks I've done in the past I couldn't tell you if they were able to be exported to pdf/printed or not. So one of the things I tried is to make the mask for the icon out of vectors, replace the image masks and then it seems to work. Otherwise I'm stumped if you've had them work before. Attached is what I came up with using a vector mask. Maybe someone else will figure this out. Sorry. Ambush modified1.afdesign
  8. @Ben Martin I see what you are saying. I'm playing with it now. I'll be back.
  9. @MiriamDema You are welcome. There are many people on this forum that are happy to help when issues come up. I've never attended a forum that had so many willing to help. One of the many valuable things about Affinity. If we are stumped one of the employees would come up with an answer, but shhhh they are probably asleep now.
  10. @lb Cake I really don't think the issue of open or closed paths/shapes is an issue. In the second test file I used at least half are open curves. The first test file was almost all closed. Would it be possible to do some experimenting on your file? Making a copy first!!!!!!! Then delete say half the layers and Save as to another name, then see how it loads. Then try it again with the other half to see if it loads better. Maybe you can narrow it down to a section that is causing it to hang. And finally to a few layers. I'd love to hear what you find. Being 57MB I won't ask you to send it to me for me to try it on my system. But I think that would be really interesting. Sorry I'm out of ideas. Unless it's something that's Windows only... And I haven't read about such long load times in the forum before. Good luck on your searching. Let me know if I can help further.
  11. @Ben Martin I have not seen or heard of this issue. Is it possible for you to attach one of these afdesign files so we can see what it's actually doing? Are you using the released or beta version?
  12. Thank you for including the file. What I did was to select the 2 nodes on either side of the gap. Click on Break Curve turning each node into two nodes not connected. I separated the nodes slightly. Then selected the 2 left most nodes and clicked Join Curves Then the two right nodes and clicked Close Curves. I ended up with two layers, basically the insides of your object and the outside. I had to switch the order of these in AD so the outside was below the insides. Then selected both layers and did a Subtract. Finally I did a little tweaking of the nodes to get rid of the bottleneck I had created. Does this look better? MD2021Join modified.afdesign
  13. @lb Cake I took a drawing of mine that has 5000 layers, some simple and many complex. Many with some fx and gradients. No pixel layers, vector only. File size (following a Save as) is 805KB. I opened the current AD beta, then timed how long it took to open the drawing. 3 seconds. I took a version that had some pixel layers 93.9MB (following a Save as) included, between 3 and 4 seconds. I did the test again with a AD vector only drawing of mine with 39,000 layers, no pixel or gradient or fx. Mostly simple shapes, a relatively few complex. A virgin copy of the beta was already open. This file was 12.7MB file size (following a Save as). 7 seconds. My computer is 13 years old (from 2009) with 12GB ram. That's why I am amazed in your getting load times greater than a minute. Just to try it I included the time to load the beta AD and then open the 39,000 layers and it was only 16 seconds. There has been some discussion in the forum concerning the loading time for AD the first time each day, so the result of this test may vary considerably. What else do you have open? I used QuickTime Player (I use a mac) to record the opening time and it slowed the loading of the 39,000 layers from 7 seconds to 17 seconds. Loading.mov
  14. Wow, I see nothing that would lead me to figure such a large huge loading time. If it takes that long to load are you having huge redraw times when you zoom a bit into a drawing? That usually gets out of hand long before noticeable loading times for me. What OS, I'm assuming you are using Windows?
  15. There are a couple ways to do this, I'd probably use the appearance panel to create a second stroke the color of the space between the lines. Or using an erase blending mode for the second stroke which would show what was behind the space between the lines.
  16. @lb Cake I've done some pretty good sized drawings and have had nothing near the 9 minutes to load. Are all the objects vectors or are there a lot of pixel layers? What typically are the objects like in your drawing? Do you use a lot of fx on most layers? Adjustment layers? How much ram do you have in your system? Are you working from an SSD or HD? How much open drive space do you have?
  17. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question. In the snapping options do you have Snap to object geometry selected? This should allow you to snap to the exact corners of the rectangle.
  18. @VectorCat That's because there are so many reasons for dragging a layer below another. So the blue bar shows what it will do with the layer if the move is accepted (dropped) at that time. If the bar is all the way to the left edge of the layer panel then the layer will be dropped at where it's at but at the top level in the hierarchy. If the blue bar extends to the left edge of the thumbnail of the layer above it, it will be inserted at the same level of the hierarchy as the layer above it. If the blue bar extends to about the middle of the thumbnail of the layer above it, then it will become a child of the layer above it. As in a clipping mask. If the layer is dropped onto the thumbnail of another layer the blue bar will be vertical, then it will become a child of the layer above it. As in a layer mask. I hope that helps.
  19. @big smile Glad it worked. I almost forgot to mention it as I'm used to not having intersects enabled. The habits we get into...
  20. When you are grabbing the selected nodes, make sure one of the selected nodes is actually under the cursor. If not then you will add a new node, which will deselect the other nodes and that will be the only moved node, as the video seems to show. Also when you select the nodes, have you previously selected all shapes that contain nodes these nodes. Otherwise depending on your preferences you will only get the shapes that are fully contained in the selection box you draw. After selecting the nodes take a look at your layers panel to see if it got every layer selected. If you want this changed, in Preferences> Tools>Select object when intersects with selection marquee can be checked. AD doesn't use the rule AI does when selecting with a left drawn marquee vs a right drawn marquee. The transform Mode wouldn't really be necessary in the instance of the pencil. Unless you want to change the ratio of the node spacing.
  21. Sorry you are having a problem. In the first AI example you select the shape then delete it. But in the AD example you add some nodes before trying to delete the shape. This is where your problem starts. When the shape is first selected none of the nodes will be selected (all nodes will be hallow), and if delete is hit with no nodes selected then all nodes are deleted. If any nodes are selected then only the selected nodes will be deleted. If you have nodes selected then you can press esc to deselect all nodes, but you shouldn't have to if you do exactly as shown in the AI example. In the second one the I don't understand what is happening. It's showing that you have selected the nodes, but then when you grab one node only that node is selected. Could you be double clicking that node? Are you pressing any modifier key at the same time as that last node is grabbed? Oh I see after selecting the nodes, you are not grabbing a node, you are grabbing between the nodes. You need to grab a node to move all the selected nodes. Give those a try.
  22. If this image is in the Move tool then it is normal. If this is in the Shape tool then there is an issue. Can you give us more information?
  23. Open your image in AD. Then pick an area, such as the medium brown side of the cup. Using the pen tool put a node in the 3 corners, and then close the shape. Switch to the node tool pushing and pulling the paths to match the actual shape. Use the color sampler to sample the brown color and fill the shape. Turn off the stroke. Do this for each shape.
  24. Se ho capito la domanda ... c'è una selezione nel pannello Tratto Scala con oggetto che farà ridimensionare tutti i tratti se ridotti o aumentati di dimensione.
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