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  1. When you create an object with a gradient fill, it has no transparency settings. Dragging with the Transparency tool obviously creates a new transparency setting. Is there a way in Affinity to delete the transparency information without deleting the gradient fill? Thanks!
  2. I agree about the strong strokes - the lemon was the first example I grabbed. But that's a design choice, not a technique. There's DEFINITELY something else that Danilo is doing that I'm not. I see in his videos he's using a lot of gaussian blurs. I've tried several tests using that technique, but again - it looks just like Illustrator. =[
  3. I really LOVE this guy's work. To me it doesn't even look vector - which is a look I'm going for....raster look. But everything I do still looks like crisp, sterile old Illustrator work. Is there some step I'm missing when I export my image? Is it possible to soften a stroke? I've been fighting with this for years going from AI to PSD to try to find that silver bullet. I know some ppl will ask "why not just paint then?". Because I love working with vector tools. Period. The lemon attachment is mine, the other one IS THE COOL ONE! Thanks in advance.
  4. Is there a keyboard shortcut to control the blur amount on a Gaussian blur effect?
  5. Exactly. If I may use Illustrator once again as an example; after placing a bitmap image in your document, you set it's mode to "template". This will create a monochrome bitmap image that appears like that in *every* display mode. Very handy if, like me, you sometimes prefer working in outline mode. =]
  6. um......because that's all that's been drawn so far. or one could say....objects on other layers have been turned off....or hidden.
  7. Sorry to point out the elephant in the living room; but that's not how (whispers) Illustrator/Corel Draw/Freehand etc. handles it. =\
  8. Hi gdenby - Thx for the response. It appears that anything other than a vector layer will *not* appear in outline mode. There are clumsy work-arounds (drawing under a Multiply layer but never seeing the template in outline mode), but that's an unfortunate drag. =[
  9. is there a way to preview art in outline mode (Draw Persona) while keeping the imported "template" image visible?
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