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  1. Not sure we're talking about the same thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA_SFUcZTpg
  2. Apologies in advance for requesting features "similar to" your Competitor's. =\ BUT.... having the ability to save Layer Comps would be so amazing!! Continued gratitude for an amazing product. Best, sweaty | reno | nv
  3. Thank you for your keen observation. That's why I asked the question. I like vector; my Directors like raster. Dunno how to break the question down any simpler.
  4. Orc = good. lobster = not so good. The solution (if there is one) doesn't HAVE to be done in AD. Which is why I mentioned a possible PSD solution earlier. I only posted the question here thinking that other AD folks may have encountered a similar situation.
  5. Good points. However, I don't care about flexibility and scalability. I prefer to "draw" in vectors for the speed specifically. When I first read about AD combining the two AS WELL AS employing vectors I thought "Eureka!". Fast forward almost two years to today....putting a blur on shapes (still scalable, but I don't care) has been a blessing.
  6. @JimmyJackThanks! That sounds like an interesting idea!! But... 1) wouldn't I then have to pain the stroke separately from the inner shapes 2) I don't know how to do this. 😕
  7. So my handlers feel my vector work "looks too Social Media". Meaning, they'd prefer a more painterly style - read: "avoid that hard-edge nonsense!". So I've been trying to try things like putting a slight blur on everything. Which helps a lot IMO. I've also done the obvious, which is to switch to pixel mode and (groan) paint in fills. Despite the tedious workflow, I think it looks great. BUT I still can't escape the sharp, hard vector outlines. The Designer Persona brushes look AMAZING, but I can't paint on em. =\ Pls see image below. I also tried getting fancy with the Photoshop. But this image was simply PSD witchcraft - add noise, blur, blend modes, blah, blah - which I'm totally open to...but in the end, I dunno if I really dig this look. Welp..... Thx for reading. =]
  8. Quick question: does Affinity NOT like to export groups to JSON? Cuz it only works for loose, individual layers for me. Thx
  9. "Break Curve/Close Curve" instantly still gives me the same result with Pencil 2B.
  10. Tried that. And tried again (per below). No bueno. Plus, adjusting the Head/Tail offset compromises the texture I'd like to keep. Many thanks, tho.
  11. In trying to get organic looking lines I'm using the vector brush "Classic Pencil 2B". Which looks amazing, but it has this corner issue that I can't resolve (image below). I even tried breaking the corner which kinda works, but it's a very awkward solution. In short, I'd like the stroke to go ALL the way around my vector path. Thx in advance!
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