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  1. Amazing amount of work. I am sure that many others such as me on the Forum will be indebted to your hard work. Many thanks John
  2. Can somebody please let me know the latest version numbers for AD and AP for windows please? Not the beta versions. John
  3. Was this intentional by a programmer within the program, or as a result of a win10 update? the cog wheels have disappeared.
  4. Thank you Madame. This was just a play around getting to know the program. The bitmaps were supplied by another member on here.
  5. George thank you for this, will come in useful. I cannot say I noticed any discernible wobble. John
  6. I was very reluctant to post this image after seeing so many other peoples brilliant submissions, but I have decided to give it a go and do so. Just a bitmapped filled rectangle and circle with some 3D text and text on a path (donut), stars made with a quick shape and given a 3D effect. There is so much in the brilliant program I have to learn and still get to grips with. Apologies to Serif for only having a lower case "s" in Serif. John
  7. Nice slow tutorial easy to follow. Thanks for sharing. John
  8. I obviously have a problem with my PC, I have downloaded this zip file several times and the *.af brushes do not show up within the zip file. Using win10 and the edge browser and IE. Have also downloaded this onto my phone and emailed it to my PC still with no luck. Anybody any suggestions please? John Update now sorted somebody emailed me the file. Now installed. Thank you for these Paolo
  9. Is there a transparency tool in AP? I know I can edit my file in AD and use the transparency tool. John
  10. Ryan I have both programs, DPX8 is still my first choice to use as I am still learning AD. DPX8 has now become a Serif legacy product so I am hoping in time that AD will be an ideal replacement product. I have successfully imported PDF's from DPX8 into AD. John
  11. Just an update on *.spp files exported as *psd files (make sure in the export dialogue the include layers box is checked) they will open in AP with the layers preserved. Have only tried a two layer file at the moment but all seems Ok. John
  12. A few days ago I posted a comment in the forum where somebody had asked about the selection tool. One of the Mods put a link within that topic of a video about the opening screen in the promo of AP. I then asked for a link to the FS version one of the mods replied with the link to a FS version of this video on how the banner was produced. Sadly I cannot find the link at the moment. can anybody please point me in the right direction please? John
  13. Has anybody got the link for a full screen version of this video please? John
  14. I create some artistic text then paste a glyph from windows character map app and then the artistic text goes all over the place. However if I paste the glyph on its own all is Ok. Not that it helps with this program but I can do the same in PagePlus and there is not a problem.
  15. Good afternoon MEB. I got a support ticket reply from Filter Forge and was told that they do not officially support Affinity yet. I was further informed they had contacted Serif about a few technical issues that prevent them from adding Affinity support to Filter Forge, but as of the 12 December they had not heard back from Serif.
  16. Hi Henry that's what I have been doing but the file is not recognised. Only the three macros that are there and installed. I note that my three macros are *.afmacros whereas yours is *.afmacro. I changed the file type to read *.afmacros then tried to import but program stated unexpected format. Update...... You have to have a document open to import a macro. Works a treat now.
  17. Henry, thank you for this. sadly I would loved to have used this for my sketches but after unzipping and putting in my macro folder when I try to import the macro from the program it does not appear in my macros folder. Using the AP windows version. John
  18. Good evening. I know this plugin does not work with AP, is this an AP problem or a Topaz problem. Whichever is the case is anything being done to resolve the incompatibility? Yes I Know Remask5 is also a stand alone. John
  19. Gary Thank you for these, Love the cubes, where would be the best place to store these within the program (Assets?)
  20. Is there an undo and redo icon that can be dragged to a toolbar in both AP beta and AD beta?
  21. Thank you for these. Terrific. Loads ok into AD John
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