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  1. Hi Would it be possible for the crop tool to remember the last used crop ratio. I always use 'original ratio' and I have to keep reselecting that on every new photo. I see that you now have 'darken border' pre-selected and that is good. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
  2. At the moment if I want to design business cards and Christmas cards and such like I have to revert to PP. Is there an intent to provide AP with similar templates to PP. PP makes designing folded publication very easy. Similarly with business cards, design one and PP populates a complete page with the design. Thanks and Merry Christmas
  3. WOW again! Exported pdf with no bother - AND it brought up my pdf viewer. Never done that before. Great job guys.
  4. WOW!! It actually installed with no problem. Don't know if that's luck or the dev guys have changed something. Anyway good job. Now to test stuff.
  5. I used to have the same problem from a couple of updates ago. Tried to uninstall previous version, but said install was from removable disc - which was a load of twaddle! Had to force uninstall previous version, then new version would load. No answer why that should happen is forthcoming. May help.
  6. Went to uninstall, told me it couldn't uninstall as it had been installed from a removable device. That was a load of twaddle, I made sure I installed from the download directory. Again, had to force uninstall the old version, then the new version installed correctly. At least I know what to do now.
  7. Setup failed again. I would like to know why. Seems I'm the only one so far. Windows 10/64 SetupUI.log
  8. I am now running .167 Force uninstalled .145, new install went fine. Registry keys pointed to the downloads folder, so don't know what was going on. Thanks for your time. p.s. I think previous pic was a bit big!!
  9. Hi Chris_K Checked log, got this - see attached. But AP was installed from download folder - I think. Is there some way to check?
  10. Hi Chris_K Here are the required files. Thanks Setup.log SetupUI.log
  11. Guess what. Still getting setup failed. Not got a lot of hair left! Tried restarting. I notice there is nothing about curing setup failed in updates and fixes. Perhaps they've not noticed!
  12. Nice thought Chrisw5. But didn't work for me. Thanks for thinking of us.
  13. Now 145 is saying its expired and 162 won't install. Need an update by the end of the day!!
  14. Just adding my also failed install. But luckily didn't removed .145. So still using that. Hopefully be an update soon Windows 10 - 64
  15. Hi Hokusai On your suggestion I have tried, but macros don't seem to record tool or the drop down selections. Nice idea though. Thanks for your reply Jobey
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