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  1. Chris, I've only tried it once. File attached. Village Voice Assets 20-11-18.afassets
  2. Walt, on my system, the default leading in the Character panel is set to 12.4, and unsuprisingly, that's what I get when the leading box in the Paragraph panel is set to Default. However, my experiments show the following effects by using the drop down menu in the Paragraph leading box. Default: Rolling the mouse wheel actually changes the drop down menu to Multiple, and increases the leading from 12.4 to 13.9 to 15.7 - an increment of 1.5 followed by 1.8., although you can select increments of 0.5. Why ? That just seems bizarre to me. Exactly: Rolling the wheel gives increments of 1. Logical, but too big in my opinion. In this setting, yes I can type in whatever I want, and hit the Enter key, but how clunky is that ? Why not just make exact increments 0.1when the wheel is rolled ? That would give total flexibility, and ease of use. % of height: Seems to work exactly the same as Multiple. At least: Seems to work exactly the same as Exactly. Multiple: Worked differently to the way it worked when I got there from default, as the incements were 1.5 followed by 1.6. To me, the whole function is bizarre, and unnessecarily complicated. All I want to do is roll the mouse wheel, and increase or decrease the leading by whatever I want. This appears to be the only function in which Microsoft Publisher is easier to use than Affinity.
  3. I'm still mightily confused by this fuction. If I leave the settings in the Character panel alone, the box in the Paragraph panel will expand and contract the spacing quite happily, but it goes from 11.4 to 12.8, to 14.4, when all I want it to do is go from 11.4 to 11.5, to 11.6, etc. Is there a way to make it do that, and if there isn't why not ? What am I missing ?
  4. An interesting discussion. Personally, it's unlikely that I will ever use the full capability of this software, I just love it because it does what I need it to do really well, and largely intuitively. On that basis, I'm probably an in between user. I use some keyboard shortcuts, the History panel is far more use than undo icon, but the concept of toggling shortcut keys to (maybe) get back to where I was is an unnecessary complication. If I'm using one tool, and I want to use another, it's far less complicated to just remember the letter for the tool I want, and tap it. Additionally, it isn't possible to get out of the Text tool by tapping "T" again - all that does is put an unwanted "t" in the text. So, for me, Dominik's advice is perfect. I've reassigned the shortcut for the Artistic Text tool, and I now know exactly what's going to happen when I tap "T". That's all I need.
  5. The Frame Text tool, and the Artistic Text tool, both share the same keyboard shortcut "T". Sometimes when I press "T" I get one, and sometimes the other. Is there any way of controlling this, because 99% of the time, I want the Frame Text tool ?
  6. Dave, thanks for the responses again. So, using the text ruler, I moved the top triangular first indent marker to the right, and the numbers went with it. I then clicked the right align button, and the numbers flipped to the left hand side of the first indent line, properly aligned to the right. Success, so I guess I've finally got there. Many thanks for your help, as I would never have worked that out by myself. I think you'll understand, if I say that for software that in all other respects is absolutely amazing, that process is unintuitive, and a bit clunky :-) I'll follow up on the pdfs, in your absence.
  7. Dave, thanks for the response. I was definitely looking in the wrong place. So much to learn, but worth it. However, I'm afraid I'm with fde 101, clicking on the left, center, and right align buttons has no effect on anything in the list - numbers, or text. By the way, did you get the pdfs re embedding, I sent you ?
  8. I think all these comments just show that for some people, like Thomaso, Old Bruce, and my colleague, scrolling works, and for others, like me and Walt, it doesn't. No matter how long I wait, nothing happens.
  9. Dave, sorry, but I'm still struggling with this. The workaround works perfectly, but I can't get the "proper" solution to work. When I create the numbered list, it doesn't create any tab stops in the tabs field of the Paragraph panel. I can create tab stops after I've created the list, and I can move the text about without any problems. I can move the numbers, using the first line indent, but I can't see how I get it to "position the right edge of the list."
  10. I originally posted this under reporting bugs, as I thought it was a bug, but now I'm not sure. Anyway, nobody has responded, so I thought I'd try posting it here, as it really is a problem for me. In a previous version I have successfully dragged page thumbnails in the pages column to a new position. I can't make that work in 162 or 174. The cursor changes to the symbol with a dotted rectangle, and the blue line appears beside the next page above or below, and disappears when I go outside the visible area, but the thumbnails do not scroll, and I cannot navigate to the point where I want to drop the page. In effect, I can only move a page one page at a time which isn't practical. I've got 174 running on two Windows 10 PCs, and it won't work on either of them, and I've tried with different files as well. However, my colleague who is also running 174 on a Windows 10 PC can move pages without any problems. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening ?
  11. I read in the release notes for an early version of Publisher, that the problems with Exporting and Importing Assets in Windows had been resolved. Sadly not. My colleague and I are both running .174 on Windows 10 PCs. I exported some Assets without problem, but when he tried to Import them it crashed his version of Publisher. He tried it twice with the same result. It turns out that they were imported successfully, but it seems there are still issues with this process.
  12. Many thanks for the replies. An excellent workaround, and the designer's answer, in a few hours. Greatly appreciated.