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  1. Hm, strange. The list is empty for me. I'll try resetting the brushes one I'm home. I tried importing them via drag and drop and once that had failed by using the menu option available next to the brushes tab. .abr failed to import as well. EDIT: Resetting the brushes didn't change anything. Before I find a way to deal with this, shelling out 50€ is out of the question. Trying a fresh installation next. EDIT EDIT: Well, that was easy. Something must have gone wrong during the initial installation. Everything works fine after reinstalling the program.
  2. Hi! Im currently using the trial version of Affinity Photo in Windows to test out its features and rebuild some of my older Photoshop projects in order to find out, how my workflow has to be adjusted. Things are looking pretty good so far, with one exception: brushes. The trial doesn't seem to ship with any brushes. So I tried to import a few, but I always get an error message, telling me that importing has failed. This even happens with .afbrushes files. So therefore my question? Are brushes not supported in the trial version?