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  1. @Rondem Having tested this in both the latest release and latest beta versions (and I am definitely no expert) the behaviour is the same, i.e. the seeming opposite of what might be expected! I think we need a Moderator or Developer to comment. Jeff
  2. @Israel Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since you purchased the app from the Apple Store only the Apple Store can give you a refund. You need to log in to it again, I think, and request your refund. Google translation: Bienvenido a los foros de afinidad. Dado que compró la aplicación en Apple Store, solo Apple Store puede darle un reembolso. Creo que debe volver a iniciar sesión y solicitar su reembolso. Jeff
  3. @Stephen k There is no phone support for Affinity products. Yet again, you have posted your personal email address to a public forum. That is NOT a very good idea. And it is still not clear, as @wonderings has implied, whether you received the first email with links to download the Trials? It would seem from what you write that English is not your native language. Feel free to post in that language and we will use online translation to understand exactly what the problem is and to try and help you.
  4. @Stephen k @StevenS gave you an email address to use for further assistance. Have you used that address to ask for help?
  5. @Stephen k Although nothing to do with your question I would strongly recommend you remove your personal email address from your post unless you are happy for it to be harvested by passing Spam bots!
  6. @Suki Affinity is the name Serif chose for a suite of programs (apps); there is Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. We are asking which of the three are you suing when you encounter the problem in this thread?
  7. @dcgooday Welcome to the Affinity forums. Despite what your bank says (!) if you have not received an email confirming purchase and giving you a download link and serial key then the purchase has not gone through and you have not been charged. Thos apparent debits on your account will disappear in a few days once the bank realise the money is not going to be taken. There do appear to have been a number of users on the forums reporting similar problems to you recently. I know that all such online purchases within the EU have now to conform to the new 3d Secure system. The usual recommendation is to try the purchase again using a different browser, if possible. If you still feel you want a refund you will need to email affinityreturns@serif.com with full details of your order. HTH Jeff
  8. @lucca farrell Welcome to the Affinity forums. Go to View>Studio>Colour and make sure it is ticked. Or to reset the whole studio, View>Studio>Reset studio. HTH Jeff
  9. @Derek Alexander I think you need to ask B&H Photo about this. From what you write it appears you received a "voucher" from that supplier which is failing to allow you to download the product. That is something that only B&H can resolve, I think. As @wonderings says, purchase via the App Stores or direct from Affinity is, perhaps, a "better" route for you (in these circumstances). Jeff
  10. @Simon W I'm not a Mac user but I would strongly suspect that, when you clicked on No, the file was deleted. 😭 Jeff
  11. @ali abbas Welcome to the Affinity forums. Your question concerns one of the products in the Serif Legacy range and should be posted to the Legacy forum "Community Plus" here. (You will need to register there to be able to post.) HTH Jeff
  12. @GabrielFotoPoto The Affinity Store and the Microsoft Store have no connection with each other at all; no data is shared so it is not possible for your Affinity account to show any information about your purchase. No serial keys are involved for you because the Store version does not use one; the purchase is linked direct to your account at the Store. As to file sizes, I have no idea why the Store installer is apparently so small, but I have never seen any Affinity download to be anything like 950 MB. (I've just checked on my computer and the latest release version of APh, 1.8.3, is 503,855 KB, so less than 500 MB.) Jeff
  13. @Rubenunez Simple answer: Yes! One caveat: the "new laptop" must be using the same OS, either Windows or Mac as you were using for the original purchase. You cannot transfer a Windows licence to a Mac computer. HTH Jeff
  14. @Paul240z Welcome to the Affinity forums. Simple answer to your question: Yes, you can run the apps on "as many computers of the the same OS as you own or control". To download any purchased app to a second, or third etc., device simply log into your account on this "new" device at the store from where you originally purchased it, download (including the serial key if you purchased direct from Serif) and install. Purchases from the Windows Store do NOT use any serial key. HTH Jeff
  15. @Melinda Knoesen Welcome to the Affinity forum. From what you write it seems that all the tools etc. have disappeared from your screen. Is that correct? If so go to View>Studio>Reset Studio (it's the last entry on the list that opens). HTH Jeff
  16. @bobdolb Since the download from your Affinity account is the "full" version (I am NOT a Mac user so cannot advise on the specifics of how this works on Macs) perhaps you would be best advised to uninstall the app and then reinstall using the new version downloaded from your account. Hopefully another Mac user will see this thread and be able to offer more complete advice. 😔 Jeff
  17. @John Rostron I have no idea about the reason for this (!) but when I open your RAW in both the latest beta and release versions I see the same as what @anon2 shows. Screenshots, Beta first then release. Jeff
  18. @bobdolb There is the problem! Having originally purchased from Affinity you cannot update via MAS since MAS has NO RECORD of the fact that you own the app. You need to update via your Affinity account. HTH Jeff
  19. @JPNE Welcome to the Affinity forums. This is the latest list of supported cameras for APh on Mac. HTH Jeff
  20. @Mordechai Nir Since you purchased the app direct from Affinity have you tried going to your Affinity account, logging in and then going to the "Downloads and product keys" page. You should find the latest version available there to download. HTH Jeff
  21. @pablodgl Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which store did you originally purchase the app from (which app, by the way?) MAC App Store or Affinity Store? Which ever it is you will need to log into that same store, using the same email or ID and password as you used for the original purchase. You should then be able to download the software again. HTTH Jeff
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