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  1. I just found out the Win10 Photos app has the capability to fix slanted scanned page. Sometimes we don't place the document on the scanner bed perfectly and the scan came out with slanted angle. I tested out with the Photos app by using its Crop tool, then use the Straightening function within by dragging the slider until the page lined up 90 and 180 degrees. The Photos app did it perfectly without any reduction in quality, non-destructive. Whereas AF make the straighten function destructive, which seriously reduce document quality that causes the text looking jacked up. Guys, we need this Straightening feature available in AF without destructive quality. Just try out what I pointed out in Photos app and make that function available in AF please. Seriously, the Straighten feature within Crop tool needs real fix and improvement. I noticed developers don't take any feedback from customers to improve your product. Not cool. Thanks
  2. The Crop tool is very destructive which makes the scanned document or image drops in quality with jagged edges. I tried it by rotating the document angle slightly to straighten it out to perfect 90 degree and the result quality looks horrible. So the Crop tool is not a solution to Deskew slanted image. This is a basic feature that every image editing software should have but I'm surprise that Affinity Photo doesn't have it. Time to add it in guys. Thanks
  3. Dear Developers, We found Affinity Photo is lacking a Deskew feature which helps straighten out a crooked scanned document or photo. People scanned documents that look crooked or at a slanted angle and there is no option in your software to fix that. Please implement the Deskew feature to straighten a crooked/slanted scanned pages that don't reduce the document quality doing so, a non-destructive process please. I attempted to rotate a slanted scanned document and the image quality looks horrible, so many jagged edges and blurry. So this Deskew feature is very need. Other image editing software has it. Make it happens guys. Thank You
  4. I highly against cloud use, like Adobe Photoshop. They made their software so bloated over the years and it loads slow like crap. So many bloated cloud features they introduced and it takes 5GB of your disk space...lol
  5. It matters to some people since it makes the user experience less enjoyable. I saw other software out there compiled into a single help file that is not a PDF type. It works exactly the way the HTML version works with all structures and links. If you can make that happens, then it will be great. If you don't want to improve your products, then that's ok.
  6. I take this back. After further testing, I found your DeNoise to be better than Photoshop since it removes more noise and grains and produces better results. I apologize for my inaccurate review previously. If you guys don't want to improve your products, then that's ok. Keep it at a stand still if you are happy with it. Your competitors will keep moving forward. :)
  7. Then you can make it a Pro version with the Pro price. The current version is like a standard. There, now have two options, Standard and Pro for different needs. The same concept applies to WPS Office that forked most of Microsoft Office features and make it more affordable for more people. Seems like you guys don't want take any of my feedback or ideas to improve your products. I'm done helping out. I will help ACDSee Ultimate 2020, Paintshop Pro, and others improve their products just like I did with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. I provided many good ideas to Samsung and I saw they implemented them and make their products better. That's why I'm a Galaxy lover for life. Peace!
  8. Dear Development Department, We notice Affinity Photo is extremely slow at opening a RAW CR2 file. Plus, it takes way too long to export it to another format such as PNG and others. I compared this to ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 and this program just opens and process much faster. Have your software engineers work and improve their codes on the speed of Affinity Photo please. People don't like to waste time waiting for things to load and process. Another issue is the noise removing feature DeNoise is mediocre at removing noise compare to ACDSee Ultimate 2020, Topaz DeNoise AI, and Imagenomic Noiseware Pro. Affinity Photo produce low quality results at removing all kinds of noise. All the other 3 software produces high quality result. Learn something from their techniques and improve your software accordingly. If you can incorporate all the great editing features from the others into your own, then you will have the ultimate image editing software out there. This is how you become the best, you learn from the best. Furthermore, the Auto Color, Auto Contrast, Auto Levels, Auto Tone produces mediocre results too. They barely do anything to an image that are out of color, contrast, etc. Photoshop 2020 got this one right and it produces good results at balancing the colors and other things, but of course not perfect. You guys need to improve those feature to provide better results. I had upload sample files for your reference and you can use them to apply to what I mentioned above. See if you guys can retouch the Red-Color-Cast image and the RAW image to make it more natural with your software and upload the result for our review. That is for now. I will provide more ideas and feedbacks to help you guys improve your software. Thanks _MG_1253.CR2
  9. Here is a real world practical scenario, you can convert all those thousands of tiny documentation files into 1 large PDF file. This helps reduce the large number of files installed and speed up the installation process. I don't know why you would need to unpackage large files for loading purposes. Can you just make your software to call on and read that single large files instead of unpacking it to load? I'm not talking about archiving all those thousands of files into an archive format like zip or rar. You can achieve this by coding the program to do read from a large files. Some software out there were able to achieve this and it make them loading much faster. Maybe you guys can consult with an expert coders that can make this happens, just a suggestion. Thanks
  10. I was wondering why your programmers and developers can't make shake reduction feature while Topaz Sharpen AI is able to achieve this capability.
  11. Alfred, Have your software developers/engineers learn from Imagenomic Portraiture and ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 so they can develop the fast Skin Retouch technique like the other software and plugins. If they can do that, then your developers should be able to do it too. Your Frequency Separation filter technique is very time consuming to work with. The other software make skin retouching very easy and fast just by moving the different sliders. The only Content-Aware features Affinity Photo have is Inpainting which just removes unwanted objects. It is lacking the Content-Aware Warp tool and the Content-Aware Move tool. If you don't know how these features work, then check them out from Adobe Photoshop 2020 website or software. These two features are very important and useful at manipulating anything in an image and we seriously want to see them available in your software.
  12. Dear Developers, We found your Affinity Photo lacking in skin retouching capabilities. There is no easy way to fix and enhance skin that is rough, has pimples, wrinkles, etc. At least your competitor, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020, has this capability. They have a Skin Tune feature that allows us to adjust a few sliders and the face of a person with bad skin came out looking perfect. Please bring this feature to your Affinity Photo. Another needed feature is the Camera Shake Reduction or Motion Blur Reduction. Taking pictures with unsteady hands causes motion blur and we needed a capability to fix this issue. Make this happens guys. We also need all those Content-Aware tools such as Content-Aware Move, Warp, Fill, etc that are from Photoshop CC 2020. All these features are very important and needed to manipulate/fix an image. Learn something from them and make something similar to those features into your your software. Furthermore, we need advanced selection capabilities for complex things such as hair, fur or something of that nature. We want more advanced offline image manipulation and retouching features to fix images better. Programmers and developers, you guys can learning something from Photoshop CC 2020 and ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 and bring ideas over to Affinity Photo. Test out their latest trial version and learn from them. They have many advanced offline features that your software doesn't have and focus on those. Don't look at cloud features since most people don't use them. I'm trying out your software and I find it is lacking in advanced editing power. If Affinity Photo want to be the next industry standard, then you need to make those things happen as mentioned above. Send this feedback to the right department please so they can make your software better! Sincerely,
  13. Dear Developers and Software Engineer, We noticed the installation time of Affinity Photo v1.8.3.641 takes too long and the loading speed of the program too. The problem is your software installs 5,800 files which is a massive number of small files and this makes the installation process so slow due to the huge numbers. Plus, it created 493 folders during the install process and this also contributed to the slow process. To make your software installs faster and launches faster, your programmers and coders need to reduce or package those thousands of small files into a few hundred larger ones. Keep the number of installation files under 1,000 and the number of folders under 200 and the install speed and app loading speed will be significantly faster. For instance, if you have 10,000 files that are 1KB each and you install them or copy them, you will see it takes forever to do so. However, when you archive/zip those 10,000 files into a 10 MB single file, copy or install it only takes 1 second or instantly. Your developers need to package all those files into a few hundred larger ones to speed this up. You can see this as an example from the "install.wim" file in Windows 10 setup ISO file. This single 4GB file stored/packaged over 100,000 tiny OS files inside it and you copy it only takes a few second since the system only deal with 1 file instead of 100,000 files individually. Most programmers and software engineers don't understand this concept and they make huge number of files spread out in their software which makes everything install very slow and loading very slow. A good offender of this is Photoshop CC 2020 since it installs over 20,000 files, 5,000 folders, and about 50,000 registries. We don't want to deal with painfully slow loading speed like Photoshop CC 2020 due to their massive numbers of files, folders, and registries installed. Don't make this mistake like Photoshop please. To improve the install and loading speed of your software, keep the number of installation files small, under 1,000 is golden, folders under 200, and registries small, lower number is always best. How do I know the installed numbers? I used Total Uninstall Pro to capture the full installation of your software and the report is attached for your reference. You can use it to capture/monitor all apps or software out there and it will provide the exact installed size and files, unlike Windows Add/Remove report that is always inaccurate. You guys made the best User Interface for Affinity Photo, it looks nice with colorful icons and tools, unlike Photoshop. Don't change your UI since it is nice and perfect that way. Please don't add extra crap like Photoshop did such as Creative Cloud Experience and other cloud features that takes up disk space and people don't use them. Most people don't know that Photoshop is very bloated, 5GB, with crapware that installed into your PCs which is why it is painfully slow at installation and loading speed. Keep Affinity Photo light, clean, fast, with more advanced offline image manipulation and retouching features. I am running Windows 10 v2004 May 2020 updates. Send this feedback to your head of software development department so they can improve your software. Sincerely, AffinityLover
  14. Dear Developers and Software Engineers, We find Affinity Photo lacks many advanced features from Photoshop such as Content-Aware Warp, Fill, and Move. More lacking features are Enhanced Transform Warp and advanced selection. We need advanced image manipulation and editing tools. Make Affinity Photo to have those advanced features available as they are needed in imaged editing. You can try Photoshop CC 2020 and learn how those features work and make something similar to that for Affinity Photo if you want to be the next industry standard in image editing software. Bring in more advanced offline features, not those bloated cloud features like Photoshop CC 2020 since most people don't use them and they waste disk space. Photoshop CC 2020 is very bloated with extra crap such as Creative Cloud Experience and background hog processes which the total installation size is about 5GB of disk space, don't follow this path please. Keep Affinity Photo light and clean with more advanced features. Another issue we noticed is the DeNoise feature. It is mediocre in its capability to remove all kinds of noise. We tested it against Imagenomic Noiseware Professional and Topaz DeNoise AI and it is very lacking behind those 2 noise removing plugins for Photoshop. You guys can learn something from them and improve your Affinity Photo DeNoise to work better by trying out their software. Praise: Affinity Photo has beautiful UI with colors on dark theme over Photoshop CC 2020. We love the color icons and tools. Great design UI guys. Photoshop has that dull black and white UI which is boring to look at. Make those recommended improvements and Affinity Photo will be the #1 contender, head to head, with Photoshop CC 2020. Thanks
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