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  1. I use Publisher mostly, have Designer and Photo. Is there a way to add other shape tools? I don't do a lot with shape tools, but it comes up at times and would like more than what Affinity has in the standard installation.
  2. Yes, when I hit new, a dialog box opens that says new document, the My Presets tab. I have created numerous preset and want to not have to do it again. Thanks for your patients!
  3. I am talking about the presets I created and want to move over.
  4. Have new Windows 11 computer, reinstalled Affinity Publisher, is there a way to copy and move my presets from the old computer to the new?
  5. Have a banner I am doing, 17'x5' design, only 2 colors. When I export it to PDF Press Ready, it comes out a few inches smaller and just a white, blank PDF? Never had this happen before. Printer setup is correct, nothing else unusual about the design. Any help please! Using a Windows 10 Pro system.
  6. Not sure I am in the correct forum, but figured I'd give it shout with this question. I am wondering how others organize their fonts. I am using Publisher on Windows 10. I know there is font manager software out there, but what all are you using? I would love to go to my fonts tool, click the down arrow and find folders such Script or Serif Only, or however I name them or even list them by style and then alphabetical, what ever works best. Appreciate your responses in advance!!
  7. Have a placed pdf that I want to crop, is there a way to crop to a specific size? I can resize by dragging the tool, but if I want to take an 8" to 7.125 exactly it is very difficult. How do I choose precise crop dimensions?
  8. I verified the file as afpub. Thought the same as you, that I might have opened a PDF, but I did correctly.
  9. I created it in inches, saved in inches, it is random though when I open the file as to how it opens. I have closed the file and reopened in inches, I have closed the file and reopened and it opens in points. Must admit it is really odd, never seen anything like it before, random and with random files. I just tried a file I was working a few days, opened fine, but when I opened it a few days ago the text boxes were for each letter in its own test box layer and in points. I had to redo the text box and reset to inches. Like I said, very odd!
  10. Strictly a general issue. Doesn't matter what size, which file, comes up on each file I open at a later time than when I last had it open.
  11. I have the latest version Publisher and recently been having issues when I go back to a saved file. I design it in inches, save it that way but when I reopen the file the next day it opens in points and not inches. I can change it but truly annoying to have to do that. That same file had been exported in PDF print ready 300 dpi, but when I go to export it again it is changed as well to 72 dpi. Also layers have changed or moved, or a text box becomes a text box for each letter which I did not do, all happening once the file has been saved and then reopened later, not sure what is happening? This is a PC with Windows 10 with all updates.
  12. I did that, still nothing. Been add my swatches back in, still haven't figured out to get my font selection tool bar on top again.
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