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  1. A trial version will be available from our website in due course.
  2. This would be part of the snapping feature set. Is it possible you've switched snapping off? There is a magnet icon on the toolbar that controls it.
  3. @kurtedward I wonder if you are confusing Arboards and paste boards? There is a tutorial here about artboards in Affinity Designer. If you just want to see things off the sides of your pages in Publisher just make sure Preview Mode is off and Clip to Canvas is off. You can find both these options in the View menu.
  4. I'm assuming your page number is coming from a master page? The easiest thing is to select the Master instance on page 1 in the Layers panel, labelled 'Master A' and simply delete it.
  5. I'm afraid the small part of your brain is telling you right. Footnotes and Endnotes aren't in version 1.7.1 but please make a suggestion in the Suggestions Forum or add your voice to an existing thread and it will be considered for a future version.
  6. Oh great, thanks for your help. That's just what I wanted. Cheers, Mark
  7. Hi, I've just started using Designer and I'm doing some graphics for an iOS app. I've found the handy buttons to export the @2x and @3x pngs but I can't find an easy way to export all three versions in one go. Seems like such an obvious thing I assume it's somewhere but I can't find it. Can anyone point out what I'm missing? Thanks, Mark Daniel
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